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– The Battle Between Anthem and Destiny 2

E3 has come and gone and in the wake of the incredible hype machine that is back to back publisher conferences, the biggest game reveals are clear: EA Bioware's Anthem and Activision Blizzard's, Destiny 2. Everything we know so far says that these two games are taking aim at the exact same group of gamers. It's poised to be a battle between two massive publishers and renowned development studios for the time and money of you the gamer. Let's talk about how that might shake out.

– Exploring the Destiny of Bioware?s Anthem

Teased about two years back, EA has finally shown its new game universe off to the public and press. Anthem is an action RPG where you control a suit of super armor and explore a vast science fictional landscape fighting foes as well as defending your settlement from the Wilds. Hang on a second, powered armor, lone protectors, defending your fortress from alien and hostile foes in an overgrown wasteland that sounds a lot like Destiny.

– This Week At GameSpace – May 28th

GameSpace is our little corner of the internet where we can post news and reviews of games that we play outside the MMO genre. Each week, we'll be bringing you the wrap up of the week's reviews and editorials about other games that might just catch your fancy. See what happened This Week at!

– Everspace Review – The Last Starfighter

Everspace is stunning. There's no way around it, the game makes an incredible first impression. Within minutes, you're zipping through asteroid belts, dogfighting with enemies you don't quite understand, and scavenging wrecked freighters for resources you aren't sure how to use. The Unreal 4 Engine renders these spacescapes in such gorgeous detail that once the threat has cleared, you have to pause to take it all in.

– The Internet is an MMORPG

This week Tim Eisen does that melodramatic writer thing where he subtly vents about being uncomfortable with change (like most old people) while waxing about the old days in the MMORPG genre. He insults Lois Lane's reporting abilities too...yes, he really did, we aren't just writing that to get you to click...