Displate: Make Your Game Space Awesome

Are you looking for an affordable way to give your gaming den a facelift? As gamers, these things can be hard to find, especially if you don’t want to hang a paper poster. We may have just the answer for you with Displate. It’s a site to buy custom artwork printed on metal from thousands of artists. If you want to take your space to the next level, this is a review you won’t want to miss.

Guild Wars 2: Qadim?s Key To Eternal Happiness

Seven years is a long time to play a game. The morning of August 25, 2012 was a glorious day as I skipped over the hills of Queensdale as Guild Wars 2 was unleashed on the world. We were ready for the casual MMO that you could drop in and out of whenever you liked and you’d still be able to keep up as the horizontal progression and cosmetic endgame meant that you could drop back in any time you liked. Legendary weapons were the long-term goal and Giganticus Lupicus was the benchmark for high end

Gloomhaven to Launch Early Access on July 17th

Asmodee Digital has announced that Gloomhaven will be launching into early access on July 17th. During a recent livestream, devs showed off gameplay for the multiplayer “tactical, RPG and dungeon crawling” experience based on the board game. Two to four players set out in an unforgiving “world of darkness and trials” that requires strategic thinking to succeed. Gloomhaven will feature the same gameplay as the board game and also include a special roguelike mode at a later date.

Dauntless Roadmap Updated with Upcoming Features Including a New Hunt Pass

The Dauntless roadmap has been updated to provide players with a forward look at some upcoming features including the new High Skies Hunt Pass. High Skies features the “arrival of a mysterious figure” and will be completely different from the current Hunt Pass. “Sail all the way to level 50 to earn skins for each of your six weapon types, plus a complete set of cosmetic corsair armor,” the description reads. Players will also find a ton of new cosmetics in the shop as well.

New Conan Exiles Testlive Patch Brings the Warmaker’s Sanctuary Dungeon

The latest patch has arrived on the Conan Exiles testlive server to allow players to check out some of the upcoming content. Most notably, The Warmaker’s Sanctuary dungeon is part of the update as well as a population revamp in faction capitals and caves. Players will also find new loot, an update to the temperature system, agility and survival attribute changes, weapon balance tweaks, bug fixes and QoL improvements.