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Crowfall – Main Menu & Player HUD Previewed + UI Roadmap for 2017

ArtCraft's Billy Garretsen is the UX Design Lead for Crowfall and he's published a new article packed with screenshots of the game's Main Menu, Player HUD and describes how each has been reworked for better functionality and use. As the game is moving from theoretical prototyping to actual shipping mode, he and his team are working to nail down the specific and the mechanics for each.

Crowfall – Latest ACE Q&A Teases Things to Come in Future Game Versions

The latest Crowfall ACE Q&A has been published. In it, the team talks about a number of systems that are currently in testing that are harbingers of big things to come in the future. You'll hear about armor mitigation, skill training times, soul power, group combat and several other topics as well as a few teasers about what these "placeholders" mean for the future versions of the game.

Crowfall – Discipline System As a Key Element of Progression

The first information about the Discipline System in Crowfall has been released by Thomas "Blixtev" Blair. He introduces Disciplines as a "key element in character progression and differentiation in Crowfall". This is something that has been discussed since the earliest KickStarter days and the elements are all in place to reveal even more information about it than has been up to now.

Crowfall – A Mighty Fortress – Taking a Look at Forts

The Crowfall recently announced the exciting news that the next major milestone will be the ability for players to hire / recruit vassals to construct a number of structures including lodges, gates, walls, towers, etc. All of these can be placed into towns, villages, cities and even inside castle walls. In a brand new post, players get a first look at the "Fort architecture" set. The article shows off a number of Lodge angles, so it's worth the time to head over to see them all.