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Diablo 3 – Rise of the Necromancer Coming June 27 for $15

We finally have the release date and cost for the Diablo 3 add-on, Rise of the Necromancer. The new content will be released on June 27th for all platforms and will cost $15. In addition, PS4 and XB1 players can get the D3 Eternal Collection that includes the base game, Reaper of Souls and the Rise of the Necromancer. XBox Gold & PlayStation Plus members can grab it for an "introductory" price of $40, meaning a short term price.

Diablo 3 – Necromancer to Enter Beta Phase Soon

Keep eyes on your mailboxes, Nephalem! The Diablo 3 Necromancer beta test will be starting soon. To participate, players will need to go to their Account Management page, then to the Beta profile Settings page. From there, tick the box next to Diablo in order to be considered for testing opportunities. Obviously, players need to have an active Diablo 3 key attached to a BNet account in good standing.