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Elite: Dangerous – Rewriting a Novel’s End – Alternative Plays Out in Game

Novelist Drew Wagar was all set to reveal his next Elite Dangerous novel's ending in game. One of the book's important characters, Salom´┐Ż, was to be escorted across the galaxy to deliver crucial information about a megaship called the Zurara. Two player groups, The Children of Raxxla and the Premonition Allied Coalition, were charged with protecting her along her journey.

Elite: Dangerous – Update 2.3 ‘The Commanders’ BGS Rolled Back to Address Bugs

After Frontier released The Commanders v2.3 Elite Dangerous update earlier this week, players encountered some significant bugs including player faction percentage drops. This is a critical issue to gain influence or even control over a system. As a result of this crucial issue, the game has been rolled back the background sim (BGS) to its pre-2.3 state while the team works to address it.

Elite: Dangerous – Literally Becoming the Commander Added to PTR

Elite: Dangerous players have been Commanders for quite awhile, but now they can get a literal look at themselves on the PTR with the arrival of Commanders 2.3. Players will be able to utilize a new creator interface to give their Commander just the right look. In addition, when flying about, an avatar will also be displayed. Players can choose from preset Commanders or choose to customize it further.

Elite: Dangerous – Stand-Alone ED: Arena Pulled from Sale

Frontier has announced that the stand-alone version of Elite Dangerous: Arena has been pulled from the Frontier Store, Steam and the XBox Store. The decision was made after looking at metrics and discovering that most players play directly from the Elite: Dangerous in-game client. Though originally released as a stand-alone, the number of additional players in Arena did not increase.

Elite: Dangerous – SpiderMind Games’ Tabletop RPG KickStarter Begins

SpiderMind Games has started its KickStarter project to bring a robust tabletop RPG based on Elite: Dangerous to the world. KickStarter funds will be used to fund production and publication of a core manual and four supplements to get players started on galactic domination. Elite: Dangerous RPG will use a D10 skill based system with players starting with a basic ship that can progress throughout the campaign.

Elite: Dangerous – You’ve Got A Friend Indeed Even In Dark Space

No one should go gently into the dark night alone as one Elite: Dangerous player found out recently. CMDR Macedonica traveled to the far reaches of space, finding out too late that he did not have enough fuel to make return journey. He believed that self-destruct was the only way out of the situation, but decided to post on the game's official forums to see if anyone had any other ideas.