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EVE Online – Making PLEX More Flexible

When Tuesday's update hits EVE Online, players will find a number of big changes coming to the PLEX system in order to, as the developers wrote, make it more flexible. The team felt that PLEX has become "cumbersome" to buy and trade due to being associated with a 30-day game subscription amount. The first change is to alter the value of one PLEX into 500 PLEX. The goal is to make selling smaller PLEX packages and trading amounts more streamlined.

EVE Online – Phasing Out Older Starbases Coming Soon

During last week's EVE Online FanFest, CCP games announced that older Starbases and outposts would be phased out in the near future and that each would be updated over time. According to a new post on the official forums, the time for the transition is nearing and the team wanted to provide players with information about how this would work. Starting in May, new construction of several Starbase structures will stop with further plans to take place in August.

EVE Online – Vegas Fanfest Slated for October 6-8

If you missed the Icelandic EVE Online Fanfest, you're in luck as EVE Vegas 2017 is still coming. Scheduled for October 6-8, 2017 at the Linq Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, tickets are already on sale through Eventbrite. You can get full event tickets for $225 (or early bird for $195 -- super early bird and release of tickets offers are already sold out) or just the party on Saturday night for $80.

EVE Online – The Molok is Literally a Floating Mausoleum

EVE Online will be sending out the new Blood Raider pirate aligned Molok warship, literally a floating mausoleum that can store up to 100,000 human a meat locker. The ship will arrive as part of the May update and will run approximately 400 billion ISK. Putting it into perspective, the current most expensive ship in the EVE galaxy is the Titan that sells for around 100 billion ISK.