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Neverwinter – Protector’s Jubilee Begins June 20th, Runs Through June 27th

Neverwinter will be dusting off the party gear when Protector's Jubilee begins on June 20th. The annual event celebrates not having the city razed for yet another year! This year, the party will run through June 27th and will feature new quests, the "speech skirmish", and several new items in the Jubilee Shop including the Jubilee Unicorn, the Shadow Dragon Throne, a Traveling Entertainer and more.

Neverwinter – Building the Heart of Your Stronghold – The Great Hall

The Neverwinter site has been updated with a pair of developer blogs related to The Great Hall, a forthcoming feature in the Shroud of Souls module. The Great Hall is part of the Strongholds package that is tailored to guilds and is considered to be the "heart" of the guild's home. It can be customized and decorated in a way that suits the group and is packed with tables, chairs, a huge fireplace, galleries on the upper floors and even a decorator to give out a few tips.