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Star Wars: The Old Republic – Nar Shaddaa Nightlife Event Heats Up the Summer of SWTOR

The Summer of Star Wars: The Old Republic has officially begun thanks to the arrival of Game Update 5.2.2. To get things heating up, the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event is now live and set to run through August. During the event, players can head to the casinos to earn Golden Certificates that can be used for a number of items including armor, mounts, weapons, pets and customizations.

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Update 5.2 ‘Iokath’ to Launch Today, Patch Note Published

The patch notes for Star Wars: The Old Republic game update v5.2 The War of Iokath have been published on the official site. The patch is expected to launch later today with new content. On the narrative side, a pair of old companions will return: the Sith Warrior companion Malavai Quinn and the Republic Trooper companion Elara Dorne. In addition, a new operation called Gods from the Machine will open as well as the brand new Galaxy Map.

Star Wars: The Old Republic – The War for Iokath Coming April 11th

The Star Wars: The Old Republic site has been updated with news that v5.2: "The War for Iokath" will be ready to go on April 11th. As the Republic and Empire start going at it again, it's up to the Outlander to decide where to throw their might. There is a new storyline, the new planet of Iokath and a new operation. Players will need to be level 70 to participate, though players can quickly get there thanks to 250% bonus XP and 350 Galactic Command XP through April 10th.

Star Wars: The Old Republic – More Grind Incoming with 100 New Galactic Command Levels

It seems that the older an MMO gets, the more grind it implements to keep top end players "engaged". For you Star Wars: The Old Republic players who haven't gotten enough grind in the first series of Galactic Command levels, get out the peppercorns and loosen up your elbows. Bioware has announced that a hundred new Galactic Command levels are incoming along with "exciting new gear rewards".