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TERA – En Masse Previews the Abscess

En Masse Entertainment is celebrating TERA's fifth anniversary in a big way, not the least of which by previewing some of the game's dungeons. In this latest installment, readers get a look at the Abscess. Starting today, May 15th, and running through May 22nd, players completing the Abscess have a chance at some pretty nifty loot.

TERA – Glaiveathon Rewards Debut This Weekend

Thanks to over two thousand Twitch viewers last week, the TERA team is handing out a spiffy weekend bonus event called the Glaiveathon. From Friday, April 21st through Monday, April 24th, players can take advantage of triple XP, triple dungeon drops, triple enchanting success chances, reduced material costs for awakening and special level 65 dungeon jackpots.