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The Division – Last Stand Game Mode Detailed, v1.6 Lands on PTS

The Division will be receiving another DLC with the release of patch 1.6 and Last Stand in the near future. Last stand challenges to players to control a trio of tactical areas on one of the four Dark Zone maps. Within each control point are three objectives that have to be completed in order to get control. Once a location is secured, points are awarded until one team reaches the maximum score to win.

The Division – Huge v1.4 Patch Coming Oct 25th with Big Changes In Store

The Division servers will be coming down on October 25th for the deployment of the v1.4 update that brings a massive number of changes to the game including UI improvements and a huge number of gameplay enhancements. In addition, a new feature called "World Level Tiers" will be added that will allow players to choose what level enemies will be encountered that will also determine the quality of reward gear that is dropped.