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Trove – Changing of the Guard, Krausnick Leaves, Rick White Steps In

There is a changing of the guard on the Trove team. In a new producer's letter, Andrew "Avarem" Krausnick has announced that he is leaving Trion to pursue a new job with a small studio. He calls it "getting back to basics" that will allow him to work on smaller, more experimental projects. Rick "Din Othar" White will be taking over from Krausnick and has revealed some of his vision for Trove.

Trove – Console Versions Are a Go!

PlayStation 4 and XBox One players will be happy to hear that Trove has successfully exited beta testing and is now in full release. To celebrate, Trion has released a Getting Started video to help get newbs started in the game by introducing some of its console features including the new Inventory AI, Loot Collector and more.

Trove – XBox One Version Nearing Launch

The Trove site has a new post that gives an update about the impending launch of the XBox One version. During a recent PlayStation 4 update to make improvements to console stability, a couple of other bugs were found requiring another small patch. The team is working on an XBox One update that will bring the contents of both patches on board simultaneously. Add in that the game has been submitted for launch and we now know that Trove XBox One version is coming soon!