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World of Warcraft – Patch 7.2.5 Opens the Tomb of Sargeras & Timewalking Raid

The Tomb of Sargeras is now open in World of Warcraft. With today's arrival of v7.2.5, World of Warcraft raiders can now start the journey to (the unofficial) world first Sargeras kill. In addition, players will find a host of class changes, a plethora of new "Legiondaries", the addition of the Black Temple timewalking raid, and the new Chromie scenario among other things.

World of Warcraft – Patch 7.2.5 Lets You Help Chromie & Timewalk Black Temple

Today's 7.2.5 patch brings a number of big changes to World of Warcraft. Among other things, it enables The Black Temple timewalking for next month and brings Chromie's scenario on board as well as the Trial of Style, Auction House Dance Studio and more. Most of these events are time gated so it depends where they fall on the month-to-month calendar for activation. In addition, most classes/specs have received "tuning" and more than a few Legiondaries have been added.

World of Warcraft – Patch v7.2.5 Headed for a June 13th Release

Blizzard has posted its "Legion Patch 7.2.5 Survival Guide" to introduce players to changes coming in the next World of Warcraft patch. According to the dev team, the patch is on track for a June 13th release. The patch will be introducing a number of significant changes to several classes as well as bringing the Tomb of Sargeras raid online, the new Adventures of Chromie scenario, all class mounts, Black Temple timewalking, the new Dead Mines pet battle dungeon, Trial of Style & more.

World of Warcraft – BiS Legendary Class Ring to be Found Through Drops in 7.2.5

The World of Warcraft team has confirmed something that many players were concerned about. The upcoming 7.2.5 patch will feature class-specific rings that alter with spec and that are considered to be "best in slot" (BiS) for several classes / specs. Many had hoped that the ring would be awarded at the culmination of the class order hall quest line but the team has confirmed that rings will be found through random drops similar to any legendary in the game currently.