General: 5 Non-Fantasy MMOG Concepts With Unfulfilled Potential

5 Non-Fantasy MMOG Concepts With Unfulfilled Potential

Starting when I was still a child, I’ve greatly enjoyed numerous incarnations of high fantasy. However, it has never been my only thematic area of interest. So, when it comes to MMOGs, I’ve always wanted more variety. Perhaps the ongoing growth of the category’s audience signals that such a time is upon us or at least close at hand. Considering how the market is growing and evolving, here are some concepts that seem to hold unrealized potential.

Super Smash Weekend feat. Project M Streaming Live from Super Arcade

Super Arcade’s dedicated broadcast just went live with another installment of Super Smash Weekend, coming at you live from their venue in Walnut, California. Presented in collaboration with Team AEGIS, this biweekly tournament series provides an excellent look at Southern California’s Smash community through both singles and doubles tournaments for popular Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl mod Project M, which take alternating turns in the headline position.

If you’re interested in checking future events out for yourself, we’ve included Super Arcade’s address below. Further information can be found on Smash Boards.

1211 N Grand Avenue
Walnut, CA 91789

The stream will be live in this article, but you can also head on over to Twitch if you prefer to chat with other viewers.

Watch live video from SuperDojo on

Source: Super Dojo

Ultra Street Fighter IV Price Slashed by 40% on Steam Today Only


Those with experience in Steam sales of the past will tell you that the best time to make any purchase is when the game you’ve got your eyes on gets the daily deal spotlight or makes it into a flash sale. The discounts offered there are typically huge, even on titles that have just released.

While the discount on Ultra Street Fighter IV has been decent up until now, today is the day to finally hit that purchase button thanks to Steam’s featured deal.

As of this writing, both the upgrade and stand-alone versions of Ultra Street Fighter IV are available for 40% off, bringing them down to $8.99 and $17.99 respectively. If you’ve yet to pick up the latest addition to Capcom’s flagship fighting franchise, now’s the perfect time.

Of course, there are still tons of other discounts on fighting titles to check out if your library is lacking and Street Fighter isn’t your thing.

Source: Steam, special thanks to Saki for letting us know about this discount!

Juri, Hakan, Evil Ryu, Oni, and Poison Go Omega in Ultra Street Fighter IV

Thanksgiving wasn’t enough to keep Capcom from providing yet another look at the changes coming to a handful of characters in Ultra Street Fighter IV’s forthcoming Omega Mode update. This time around, Tomoaki Ayano describes the new tools Juri, Hakan, Evil Ryu, Oni, and Poison will have when this unique gameplay addition becomes available next month.

Some of the more interesting additions include a launcher for Hakan, Evil Ryu’s grounded air fireball, and a low-damage, high-stun attack for Poison. Check out the full breakdown below and let us know what you think.




Juri uses the power of the Feng Shui Engine to gather power at her feet. From here she can perform a couple of move variations.

Press forward and release the button for Fusatsusen. This is a kick move that varies depending on the button pressed.


The fierce version results in a double rising kick. It deals a lot of damage and can be used as a follow-up move in many different situations.

Press backwards and release the button for Shotenha, a kick-launcher move. Of course, you can follow up afterwards too.


It’s a great set-up for her super!

Jyafuten gives Juri new options for her mid- and close-range attacks. I feel like this update really solidifies Juri’s fighting style: Tae Kwon Do expertly mixed with the unique Feng Shui Engine.

My inspiration: The explosive Feng Shui Engine!


Hakan Launcher: A new move that lifts the opponent into the air.


After the opponent is launched, you can cancel into an Oil Shower. Once you get the hang of this move, you can even hit the opponent with follow-up attacks! The EX version turns into a hit-throw, and once the opponent has been sent crashing to the ground, Hakan automatically follows up with an Oil Shower!


Hakan Splitter: Hold fierce punch for a knockdown attack. It starts up slowly, but it’s an overhead attack that’s good for toppling your opponent.

In Omega, Hakan will also be able to cancel his existing moves. This feature, combined with his new moves, gives him a whole lot of chances to oil up. He’s also got new feint variations to throw his opponents off their game. I think Hakan’s a really interesting character and I love the Omega take on him.

My inspiration: The slippery king.

Evil Ryu

Rakuyo Hadoken: A fireball that goes straight up, and then flies down at an angle!


We wanted to give Evil Ryu a Zanku Hadoken he could use without having to jump. This move leaves Evil Ryu pretty open, but it can be a very powerful tool: knock your opponent down and then use this to help set up your offense. This is a new type of fireball for the SF series, so it’s going to be interesting seeing players try it out.


Ryukosai: A stronger, multi-hitting version of Ryusokyaku that uses two bars of super meter. The first hit breaks armor and hits overhead, making this a great move for breaking through your opponent’s defense!

Evil Ryu also has new target combos that can combo into Ryukosai.

Man, has this guy got some cool-looking combos or what? With new command normals, new target combos, and new special moves as well, he’s a fun character that leaves you left wanting for nothing!

My inspiration: A new way to use the Satsui no Hado.


Mu: A powerful Shoryuken-like move that uses two bars of meter.


What goes up…


…must come down! Hard!

The first hit has armor break properties and locks them into the move, so you don’t have to worry about the opponent falling out and you eating big damage for it.


Kyoseijin: This move starts off with the same jump that his Sekisei Jiraiken uses, but after that he can go into Tenma Rakuseikyaku (a dive kick), Zanku Hadoken, or use his Sekisei Jiraiken. This gives him a lot more options for his aerial assault.

With more attack patterns and new moves that deal big damage from the air, Omega Oni is a fun character that’s easy to use.

My inspiration: A demon dancing through the sky.


Honey Trap


This is an anti-air projectile move. This blown kiss does very, very little damage, but in return dishes out a lot of stun. That’s very Poison-like, wouldn’t you say? After connecting in mid-air, you can follow up with an attack, giving you a good chance to land another one of her high stun-dealing moves. The EX version uses two bars and…well, I’ll let you figure out what happens on your own.

EX Whip of Love: You no longer have to do the additional inputs for the full move. After it hits, it’ll connect automatically; the final hit is quite electrifying!


You know, the important thing about this move is…that it just looks cool! And that’s as important as anything else!

Poison’s regular projectile, Aeolus Edge, has undergone some heavy changes. That, together with her new Honey Trap, makes Poison more of a projectile character. I’m going to continue repping her in Omega edition, of course!

My inspiration: Sparkling pink!

Source: Capcom-Unity