General: ZergID and Its 500k Strong Army

ZergID and Its 500k Strong Army

ZergID has been in public beta for less than a year and already over a half-million users have joined up and created 750k characters to site profiles. ZergID also announced that it has acquired perennial World of Warcraft site OpenRaid and will be bringing its special brand to the ZergID network.

Gloria Victis: Latest Game Update is a Big’un!

Latest Game Update is a Big

It’s been a while since I stepped foot in Gloria Victis, with real life travels taking me to different lands, it was nice to venture back into this virtual gameworld and get some brand new updates directly from the Dev team themselves. To say there is a lot happening in Gloria Victis is an understatement, they are forging ahead with not only updates, but complete overhauls to systems that will indefinitely change the game for the better.

Crowfall: The Great Cash-Grab Debate

The Great Cash-Grab Debate

The words "cash grab" get thrown around to represent how some feel that Crowfall might be set up to take all of our money without actually giving us anything real in return. This is a scary reality for many crowdfunded games, but it’s always been a risk that developers have shouldered.

Latest WSO Session Welcomes Japan’s Gonzalez, Goes Ham on Karin Mirrors in Street Fighter V

Every week, the folks at WinnerStaysOn partner with Capcom UK to put on special sessions of Street Fighter competition. While in the past they’ve feature a variety of Ultra Street Fighter IV matches, the last few installments have skewed towards Street Fighter V gameplay, typically with newer builds and characters.

Their latest episode was, of course, dedicated entirely to Capcom’s flagship fighting franchise, but focused on both the new and old.

Fresh off his appearances at Call of Ragnarok and EGX, Japan’s Gonzalez was in town to pit his Seth against the usual European talent in attendance. During his visit, he played first-to-five exhibitions against folks like Isam, Afii, and Problem X, giving us a great look at his take on the chaotic antagonist.

But those of you ready to move onto Street Fighter V should definitely give this video some of your attention as well. Karin, the Street Fighter Alpha 3 veteran who has reappeared on the scene after many years away, receives a ton of the spotlight, and the last 45 minutes are spent going over her skills and mirror matching for those of you interested in what she’s capable of in the upcoming title.

Source: Capcom Fighters