Sako, Go1 and AiAi Bump Heads in These FT2 Ranked Sets for Street Fighter V

It’s kung-fu versus taekwondo as AiAi faces up against two of Japan’s best Chun-Li players, HORI|Sako and HM|Go1 in these intense FT2 Street Fighter V Ranked sets. Sako and GO1 bring their unique Chuns out to play, making for some interesting clashes with AiAi–and since Juri is not exactly a top tier character, the way AiAi holds his own against Sako’s and GO1’s Chun-Lis is impressive to say the least.

Whether you main Chun-Li or Juri, there is much that can be absorbed by watching these three matches.

Source: XusesGB

There Are Over 120 Hard Rock and Metal References in the Guilty Gear Series

Most Guilty Gear fans are aware that the game contains many references to hard rock and metal music, presented in various aspects throughout the series. This is due to Guilty Gear’s creator Daisuke Ishiwatari’s love and extensive knowledge of the genres, particularly of bands from Europe and North America. This fusion of music and fighting game culture is one of the many things that makes the Guilty Gear series unique.

In an impressive accumulation of details and history, HurtboxTV pinpoints over 120 instances where a particular band, artist, album or song is paid homage in Guilty Gear. Though names like Slash, Slayer, and Axl might stand out to any average music fan, it would take an amateur music historian to have caught all of these.

How many hard rockĀ and metal references can you name in Guilty Gear? Check out HurtboxTV’s video and see if he got them all.

Source: HurtboxTV