Klyka’s “Class Warfare” Series Examines High-Level For Honor Gameplay, with Player Commentary

For Honor–depending upon who’s opinion you ask for–is Ubisoft’s first crossing into the world of fighting games. A community has already begun to coalesce around this strange over-the-shoulder fighter, and the way it’s being played by its top players is quite fascinating.

Klyka’s “Class Warfare”series has some of the best examples you can find of the inner workings of For Honor‘s combat right now. Showing off high-level matches from each of the players’ perspectives is a great idea, and getting the players to break down what they were thinking about during the matches is both educational and entertaining. When Kensei player EnderVexc casually mentions “He feinted an attack, so I feinted a parry attempt so that I can parry his parry,” I knew I was watching some special.

As both players have been playing their mains since the Beta, they show off impressive tech, footsies, and mind games. If this series progresses, hopefully the meta will remain as interesting as it is here!

Sources: Klyka

TERA – Reserve Your Glaive-Wielding Paragon Name Starting Today

TERA players anxious for the release of the game’s next class will want to head into the game to reserve a name for her. The Paragon class will be coming in sometime after the conclusion of the naming event. From today through April 4th, players can log in to begin the reservation process. If character slots are already maxed, players can still reserve a name, though they will be unable to create her until a space is freed up.

Lyon’s Street Grand Battle Rescheduled for September 16th-17th, Will Now Be a EU CPT Ranking Event

Delayed from its initial date of the 4th-5th of February this year, the organizational team behind Street Grand Battle have announced the new dates for the event. Taking in place in Lyon, France from September 16th-17th, SGB 2017 will now be a Ranking Event on the European leg of the Capcom Pro Tour.

While Street Fighter V will be the main draw for attendees of SGB 2017, Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2, Tekken 7 and even Ultra Street Fighter IV will have tournaments at the event. Before the event’s delay, international players like LIJoe, ZOWIE|Gamerbee, FA|BigBird and BX3|Phenom were confirmed as in attendance, alongside notable European contenders like PxP|ProblemX, DA|Imstilldadaddy, RB|Luffy, Perilous|Packz and MD|Mister Crimson to name but a few. Let’s hope that the previously-announced competitors will still be able to make the new dates.

Sources: Street Grand Battle; ladosenet

Guilty Gear and BlazBlue X Dead or Alive Costume Crossover Shows Noel, Dizzy and More

As we previously reported, Arc System Works is collaborating with Koei Tecmo for a Guilty Gear and BlazBlue X Dead or Alive costume pack. In March, this DLC will be purchasable to those who own Dead or Alive 5: Last Round and available to holders of the season pass.

The promotional Japanese image lists the release date as March 14th. Altogether, there’s going to be 16 different costumes from -REVELATOR-, REV 2, and Central Fiction. So far, there are four promotional images as teasers. In the gallery below, you can see Kasumi as Noel Vermillion, Hitomi dressed as Tsubaki Yayoi, Nyotengu sporting Dizzy’s outfit and wings, and Honoka as Elphelt Valentine.


Source: Dengeki Online; thanks to Quinnjdq for the tip.

Splyce Expands into Traditional Fighting Games with the Signing of Ryan “Filipino Champ” Ramirez

Another esports organization has chucked their hat into the ring of the FGC, as Splyce have recently signed Marvel god Ryan “Filipino Champ” Ramirez as their first “traditional” fighting game player. While Splyce aren’t a complete stranger to fighting games, having signed Michael “Nintendude” Brancato and McCain “MacD” LaVelle for Super Smash Bros. Melee back in 2015, FChamp’s addition to the team is Splyce’s first foray into the world of franchises like Street Fighter and Marvel.

This signing follows FChamp’s departure from previous team Panda Global, and coincides with Splyce’s recent “strategic partnership” with Delaware North, a global leader in food and hospitality and the owner of the TD Garden arena in Boston. The arena also acts as the home for the Boston Bruins, linking yet another esports team with the world of traditional sports.

With FChamp gaining numerous Top 8 placings for Street Fighter V in 2016–alongside a 13th-place finish at Capcom Cup–and Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite on the horizon at the end of this year, Splyce have chosen well for their first Street Fighter player.

Sources: ESPN Esports; Splyce