Trap your enemies in Rashid’s deadly vortex, with this mixup guide from Dr. Fatbody

Continuing their “Know Your Mixup” series, Dr. Fatbody and Cross Counter TV have released a new episode, focused around everyone’s favorite wind master Rashid. Starting with setups off of Rashid’s Spinning Mixer, the guide then details some of the side-switch shenanigans Rashid can pull off using his V-Trigger.

If Rashid lands a light punch into level 2 Spinning Mixer, he is left +1 on hit. From there, Rashid’s light kick will stuff throw attempts and three-frame jabs, allowing him to go into another combo. If you don’t time it right, Rashid’s light kick is also +2 on block, giving you the chance to set up for a frame trap.

Following that, the good doctor details two V-Trigger mixups Rashid has at his disposal. Both involve jumping through Rashid’s tornado and forcing opponents to block hits from both sides. What makes these mixups extra tricky is how the Rashid player can use the momentum of jumping through the tornado to make himself even more unpredictable. Talk about turbulent wind.

Source: Cross Counter TV

Injustice 2 Mobile launches for free on May 11th

Following up on the success of both Mortal Kombat X and the original Injustice on mobile, NetherRealm Studios have announced that Injustice 2 Mobile will be launching on May 11th. As a mix of fighting game, gacha game and RPG, this mobile fighter should tie you over until Injustice 2’s console release on May 16th.

Featuring all the playable characters from Injustice 2, the mobile version has players gathering together teams of three super-powered characters to complete missions and collect Gear. Much like the console version of Injustice 2, Gear both improves character stats and grant them access to new moves to use in battle. If you pre-register for Injustice 2 Mobile, players will gain exclusive access to Catwoman on launch.

As an Agility class fighter, Catwoman excels at overwhelming her opponent with quick strikes and her superior mobility. She also has a unique passive ability which guarantees better rewards whenever you complete an Operation Mission. It’s the perfect skill for a seasoned cat burglar.

Injustice 2 Mobile launches on iOS and Android on May 11th.

Source: Injustice

Knee hosts massive 2v2 “Tekken Stars” team tournament for Tekken 7: Fated Retribution

Jae Min Bae, known better within the FGC as “Knee”, is one of  the most celebrated and successful Tekken players of all time. Turns out, the Korean pro is also a dedicated commentator and organizer.

In conjunction with the famous Tekken hub Green Arcade, Knee hosted and commentated nearly 4 hours of an excellent Korean 2v2 team tournament, named “Tekken Stars”. If you’re looking for the very best play to take notes on before June 2nd, this is a great place to start.

Source: Knee