Mikado Arcade expanding to second location in Ikebukuro district

One of Japan’s finest arcades, Mikado, will be opening a new location in the Ikebukuro district tomorrow! This isn’t a relocation — Mikado Arcade, in 2018, is doing well enough to expand.

If Ikebukuro sounds familiar to you (even if you have never been to Japan!), it’s likely because this entertainment district is already the home a few other FGC hotspots.

We have covered a gigantic amount of Mikado Arcade tournaments here at SRK. We’ve chosen to do this not only because of their game selection, but because the quality of play at their events is consistently exceptional. We’re happy to see them succeed and wish them luck at their new location — and, hopefully, many more Mikado run events will come of this.

If you are unfamiliar with Mikado, check out their official YouTube channel for the widest range of arcade FGC titles you can find on this planet.

Source:  babamikado

Mojang Introduces a New Dungeon-Crawling Minecraft Action-Adventure Game

During this weekend’s MineCon 2018, Mojang twitterpated its worldwide community with some pretty awesome news including Minecraft: Dungeons. The game is said to be an “action-adventure” title that sends players on cooperative dungeon crawls while exploring “canyons, swamps and — of course — mines”. Minecraft: Dungeons will make its debut in 2019.