Take Part in the Star Citizen: Free Fly Event From May 1-8

From May 1st through May 8th, players are invited to the latest Free Fly event. Anyone can try out Star Citizen for free throughout the week and can explore Alpha 3.5 that includes the new ArcCorp planet, the new female characters and the new character customization tool. Lastly, players can experience the “new flight model that adds gravity to planets to achieve deeper and more realistic atmospheric flight”.

The Anniversary Update Hoists Sail in Sea of Thieves

The Anniversary Update is now live in Sea of Thieves. Players will find a host of new content to check out including The Arena, a mayhem filled short-session PvP event, as well as Tall Tales: Shores of Gold, the first of its kind narrative adventure. Lastly, players will find the Hunter’s Call Trading Company that is squarely focused on fishing, cooking and hunting for those looking for more cerebral gameplay.

Valve Reveals Details on the New Index Headset

The day has finally come and Valve has released concrete details on their hotly anticipated virtual reality headset. It’s been three years since the HTC Vive hit the market and we have confirmation that the company’s first completely in-house HMD will open for pre-orders tomorrow, May 1st will begin shipping on July 1st.

Bless Unleashed: Priest Class Trailer

Bandai Namco has released the latest in a series of class gameplay trailers for Bless Unleashed. This time the Priest take centerstage, a class that is both healer warrior. “The priest brings a unique skill set to the battlefield. Priests can unleash a fury of attacks from afar with lethal combinations and pinpoint accuracy as well as set down buffs and heals for their teammates”.

Fast-Paced Action MMO KurtzPel is Now Out on Steam Early Access

If you’re looking for fast-paced action combat in a distinctly anime setting, you may want to check out KOG Games’ KurtzPel that has just entered Steam Early Access. Players can check out the game for free or can purchase a Founder’s Packs that include a number of in-game items. The game features both a robust storyline as well as a variety of PvP activities.