Albion Online to Launch the Nimue Update on November 21st

The Albion Online site has been updated to bring the first information out about the game’s next major content update. Called “Nimue”, the update will launch on November 21st with a number of quality of life improvements to the game as well as guild logos, crop/furniture placement improvements, mob faction caps, Guardian Aspects, the ability to mark enemies and party roles. Lastly, a number of improvements to faction outposts, arena and NPC/town buildings will be included.

Albion Online Devs Detail the Grim Challenge for November

The Albion Online site has been updated to let players know that the Grim Challenge has officially kicked off. During the month of November, players can earn points for participating in open world activities, unlocking chests and can claim the “unique plague-themed mount to sow fear and confusion among your foes”. There is also a new avatar border and a variety of seasonal specials available for those who reach their goals during the event.

Albion Online’s Guild Warfare Season 4 to Begin on September 29th

Starting September 29th, Albion Online players will be able to participate in the game’s Guild Warfare Season 4. As with previous seasons, players will be able to get hold of exclusive rewards including avatars and “the epic War Rhino”. The three highest ranking guilds will be immortalized in the Conquerors’ Hall. Lastly, all players will receive 7-days of Premium and a 25% boost to all PvE Fame.

Albion Online – Lancelot Mid-Season Update to Bring GvG Balance Changes & Re-Spec Option

Albion Online will be getting a big new update on May 2nd that will bring a number of significant changes to the game. Most notably the “Lancelot Mid-Season” patch will see a rework of siege camps along with “wide ranging weapon and armor balancing changes”. In addition, and due to player feedback, a re-spec option will be added to allow players to “move skill masteries between paths on the Destiny Board”.

Albion Online – Sandbox Interactive Confirms Staff Reduction to Pre-Beta Levels

Sandbox Interactive has confirmed that a number of employees have been released now that Albion Online is a fully released game. According to a statement from the team, this brings the numbers of active developers to pre-beta levels, generally a typical move for companies after the release of a game. Prior to the layoffs, staff numbers approximately 50. After the reduction, developer count is 31.