Albion Online Expands with Three New Outland Regions & Much More

The mid-season Oberon patch has been released into Albion Online that brings three expansive new Outland regions to the game as well as a reset of player portal binding. The update also comes with a number of smaller changes to features including siege camps and the inclusion of the Caerleon Marketplace cluster.

Albion Online World Size Increasing to Give Newbies a Chance to Claim Their Own Land

The Albion Online team is celebrating the successful free-to-play launch of the game earlier this month and is already planning big things in the near future. The Outland expansion will offer all players, but particularly new players, a chance to grab some land for themselves when it launches with GvG Season 6 currently targeting early May. The new regions are Siluria and West and East Glouvia. Land will be claimable “in two waves on the second Invasion Day of Season 6”.

Albion Online Going Free to Play on April 10th

On April 10th, anyone with a hankering to do so will be able to play Albion Online thanks to its free to play launch. “This change will bring incredible new dimensions to the world of Albion, as a new generation of players ready to make their mark on the world enters the fray.” the blog reads.

Oberon is a Beefy New Update Coming to Albion Online on March 20th

On March 20th, Albion Online will be patched with the Oberon update, the sixth major content update since the game launched. Oberon comes packed with new features including hidden entrances, randomized dungeons, new mobs and creatures, shrines, chests, and dungeon maps. Devs have also retooled the in-game tutorials to provide additional information to players. Mobs will begin dropping runes, souls and relics and the weapon unlock progression system has been streamlined.

Albion Online to Launch the Nimue Update on November 21st

The Albion Online site has been updated to bring the first information out about the game’s next major content update. Called “Nimue”, the update will launch on November 21st with a number of quality of life improvements to the game as well as guild logos, crop/furniture placement improvements, mob faction caps, Guardian Aspects, the ability to mark enemies and party roles. Lastly, a number of improvements to faction outposts, arena and NPC/town buildings will be included.

Albion Online Devs Detail the Grim Challenge for November

The Albion Online site has been updated to let players know that the Grim Challenge has officially kicked off. During the month of November, players can earn points for participating in open world activities, unlocking chests and can claim the “unique plague-themed mount to sow fear and confusion among your foes”. There is also a new avatar border and a variety of seasonal specials available for those who reach their goals during the event.

Albion Online’s Guild Warfare Season 4 to Begin on September 29th

Starting September 29th, Albion Online players will be able to participate in the game’s Guild Warfare Season 4. As with previous seasons, players will be able to get hold of exclusive rewards including avatars and “the epic War Rhino”. The three highest ranking guilds will be immortalized in the Conquerors’ Hall. Lastly, all players will receive 7-days of Premium and a 25% boost to all PvE Fame.