ArcheAge Sends Players Off to the Eastern Hiram Mountains

The patch notes for the Echoes of Hiram update to ArcheAge have been published on the game’s official site. Most notably, players will be taking off for the Eastern Hiram mountains and enjoy a new level 55 cap (up from 34). In addition, players can compete for a place on the leaderboard to “show the highest Ancestral level on a server”. Those who are below the average level on the Top 20 leaderboard will get a spiffy hunting buff to help out when leveling.

Join an ArcheAge PTR Extravaganza & See the Eastern Hiram Mountains

On Monday, June 24th, ArcheAge players can log into the PTR to check out an “extravaganza” event celebrating the launch of the Eastern Hiram Mountains in the near future. The event kicks off at 9:00 am Pacific / 12:00 pm Eastern and players will have some fun activities including escorting and protecting the CM, taking on waves of monsters and much more. Participation on the PTR will receive some in-game rewards at a later date.

Latest ArcheAge Letter Reveals Details About Recent Fixes to Exploits & Other Issues

The ArcheAge team has posted a new letter that reveals a number of recent issues and exploits that have been patched or dealt with over the last several weeks. Included in this list was a player reaching the “top of the equipment rankings on Kadum” through an exploit. The player and any others involved have been dealt with “aggressively” and the player has been removed from the rankings.

ArcheAge’s Next Update will Let Players Choose to be Pirates

The next big update coming to ArcheAge is v5.1 that will be released on January 16th. It’s bringing some fairly significant changes to the game including alterations in the Hero System, a 5-player Abyssal Library Dungeon is coming and the Pirate Faction “becoming more fleshed out” as a nation. Players will be able to actively opt in to the Pirate nation by completing a quest.

ArcheAge’s Holiday Event Kicks Off December 19th Complete with a Brutal, Snowy Brawl

The holidays will soon descend into Erenor and the ArcheAge team has a brand new event for players to take part in . The event will begin on December 19th with the new Snowball Arena that pits teams of three against one another in a “brutal, snowy brawl”. Players will have access to an array of special skills tailored for epic snowball fights and some interesting effects to both use and / or avoid while battling it out.