Armored Warfare Season 2 ‘Arabian Nights’ to Debut in December has announced that Armored Warfare Season 2 will be kicking off in early December. Season 2 is also known as Arabian Nights and “provides the next exciting chapter of war-hardened Magnus Holter’s campaign to end the nefarious Clayburn Industries”. New content will include special operation missions, unique rewards earned through Battle Paths, new advanced customization options and new vehicles. Announces a Global Server for Armored Warfare

This week marks the third anniversary of the launch of Armored Warfare and has big news for players: a new global server will be coming as soon as testing is complete. Players from around the world will be playing together and players should notice “greatly reduced queue times and the instant availability of battles for any mode and every Tier”.

Armored Warfare – XBox One Version to Launch on August 2nd has announced that Armored Warfare will be coming to XBox One on August 2nd. The game will be free for XBox Gold Live members, but special pre-launch editions of the game will allow for a headstart on the action. “Starter packs contain variously perks both cosmetic and of convenience for players including exclusive decals, player titles, premium vehicles and more.”

Armored Warfare – Black Sea Incursion Kicks Off With Plenty of New Features

The Armored Warfare site has been updated with the news that players can now head out into the first part of the Black Sea Incursion season that includes a number of new features. These include new vehicles, a new special operation, a new HQ World Map, additional Contract Missions, Commander Skill changes, alterations to the Loot System, and an overhaul of the Albatross PvE Mission.

Armored Warfare – Story Driven ‘Seasons’ Announced as Part of Changing Development Cadence has introduced an overhauled development cadence called “Seasons” for Armored Warfare. Each ‘season’ is a story-driven content expansion that is deployed over the course of several months via “chapters”. Chapters are interconnected and each plays a part in the overall story for the current Season and bring the story to a close prior to the start of a new season.