Black Desert Devs Announce a New Battle Royale Mode

Over the past weekend, the Black Desert Online development team announced that it is working on a new battle royale survival mode for the game. Each of the mode’s 50 players begin the fight as a Black Spirit, then must work to find a “fallen adventurer and possess it”. From there, it’s off to destruction of nearby crates and defeating mobs to gather up materials, equipment and abilities. As is the norm for battle royale games, the last player standing is declared the winner.

Pearl Abyss & Kakao Hosting Festa, a Black Desert Online Fan Event

On December 1st, Kakao Games and Pearl Abyss will be hosting a Black Desert Online community event in South Korea. Called “Festa”, the event is designed to show off content currently in development and that will be released over the coming months. While the event is being held in South Korea, the keynote will be livestreamed and subtitled in English to allow western fans to be in on the news as it breaks, including the release date of the Archer.

Black Desert Online Celebrating 10M Users + Other Interesting Newsy News

Kakao Games is celebrating in a big way with the news that Black Desert Online has scored over 10M users in its lifetime. Players will be able to take part in “Celebrating Millions” that honors the big news. Players will be gifted a Cliff’s Weapon which can be exchanged for Gold Bars. In addition, players will receive special login rewards that include Shakatu’s Luxury Box, 5 Artisan’s Memory and 50 Advice of Valks. More giveaways and events are planned for the next three weeks.