Dark Rifts Appearing in Black Desert Online Spawn Challenging Bosses for Soloists

Black Desert Online has been updated and players logging in will find mysterious Dark Rifts appearing throughout the game world. The rifts appear randomly and spawn powerful boss monsters “that have been consumed by the elusive Black Spirit”. In a unique twist, these monsters can only be taken on by a single player and are said to “yield wonderful rewards if a player is successful defeating the foe”.

Final Black Desert XBox One Open Beta to Begin on February 14th

The next XBox One open beta event for Black Desert will be taking place from February 14th to February 17th. This is the final open beta event ahead of Black Desert’s official XBox One launch on March 4th. Players taking part in the upcoming beta will find new content to explore including Siege and Node wars, a level cap increase to 40 and participants will be “rewarded with all items found in Black Desert Ultimate Edition”.

Black Desert Online Celebrates Lunar New Year, Enables Privacy Mode & More

Black Desert Online has been updated to bring a number of new content to the game starting with the arrival of a Lunar New Year, most notably seen in the decorations in an around cities and towns. In addition, the BDO team has added the ability to players to go to “privacy mode” should they not wish to be disturbed. The team has also enabled the “Injury System” and the “Devour System”.

Black Desert Will Launch on XBox One on March 4th

On March 4th, XBox One players will finally be able to play Black Desert thanks to its official launch. Early Access will be available to those who preorder and its length will be based on the package purchased. Preorder packages are available starting today.

Black Desert Online Update Brings the DIY Snowman Event On Board

The Black Desert Online forum has been updated with the latest patch notes. Anchoring today’s update, players will find the new DIY Snowman event that will run through January 16th. “During the event period, defeat monsters, fish and gather to get event items which you can manufacture into the Winter Snowman full of cool rewards”.

XBox One Preorders of Black Desert to Begin January 7th

Pearl Abyss has announced that XBox One players will be able to preorder Black Desert starting January 7th. Pricing and launch features will be revealed the same day that packages become available for purchase. Developers stated that the open beta held in November was successful and that Black Desert will be launching as the “first comprehensive MMORPG experience on a console, built from the ground-up for XBox One”.

Black Desert Devs Announce a New Battle Royale Mode

Over the past weekend, the Black Desert Online development team announced that it is working on a new battle royale survival mode for the game. Each of the mode’s 50 players begin the fight as a Black Spirit, then must work to find a “fallen adventurer and possess it”. From there, it’s off to destruction of nearby crates and defeating mobs to gather up materials, equipment and abilities. As is the norm for battle royale games, the last player standing is declared the winner.