Black Desert Has Earned Over $1B in Just Under Four Years

According to a press announcement from Pearl Abyss, the company has raked in over $1B in gross sales of Black Desert Online in just under four years. In addition, Pearl Abyss CEO Robin Jung also reported that over 10M players from 150 countries had played Black Desert across PC, XBox One and mobile.

Black Desert Online Devs Sending the Shadow Arena Battle Royale Mode Into the Void

The Black Desert Online site has been updated with a note from the developers to let players know that the Shadow Arena, BDO’s take on Battle Royale, will be going the way of the world later this week. The post indicates that the development needs of that particular modeh were taking away from the development of the larger MMO alongside “the rise of 3rd party software” causing issues with hacking.

Black Desert Community in an Uproar Over Shadow Arena Hackers & False Bans

Pearl Abyss and the Black Desert Online EU/NA team are under fire for issues in the recently-added Shadow Arena battle royale mode. According to players, there are a number of hacks present in Shadow Arena, a fact backed up by action taken by devs that led to a large number of accounts being banned. Players assert that well-known hackers are making trial accounts in order to cheat and are being paid for their effort by those looking for high win counts and in-game currency.

Spring Has Sprung in Black Desert Online Along with Big Node War Changes

After today’s maintenance, Black Desert Online players will have new springy activities to participate in. New content includes the Blooming Blossoms event that will run from March 21st through April 10th and will allow players to trade event currency for “amazing rewards”. In addition, the Plant-a-Tree event kicks off today and runs through April 3rd. Players can purchase a Cherry Blossom Seed from the Pearl Shop (1 Loyalty) to plant at their residence.

Black Desert Online Players Can Now Try Out High-Level Toons Through Trial Characters

A new feature somewhat similar to “try before you buy” has entered Black Desert Online. Players can have up to three Trial Characters on their account that offers a high-level experience in Battle Arena, Red Battlefield, Arena of Arsha and Savage Rift. These Trial Characters come with 4,000 Skill Points and a special Battle Arena NPC offers a variety of gear for a single silver each.