Blade & Soul to Reduce Servers to 2 on April 24th

On April 24, the Blade & Soul servers will be reduced from five to two. Yura will be the NA server, while Jinsoyun will be the EU server after that date. The buying and selling of gold via the Currency Exchange will be disabled a few days prior to the merger, so players should get their exchanges done before that date or wait until after the 24th.

Big Changes Coming to Blade & Soul with the Legends Reborn Update

When Legends Reborn launches into Blade & Soul on April 10th, it will come with a number of significant changes to a variety of systems throughout the game. Dungeons and Raids,in particular, will be altered throughout the game. Several will have difficulty lowered, while others will receive buff increases. Other features going under the knife for changes include in-game events, items including costumes, bracelets, reward selection chests and more.

Blade & Soul: Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan Events Include a Battle Royale Mode

From March 13th to April 10th, Blade & Soul players will be able to take part in a number of events in celebration of Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan. Players can take part in hourly battles that will pit 20-combatants against one another in a “battle royale-styled PvP event” that will be a fight to be the last one standing. The fight will feature boosts that can be found for the duration of the battle, as well as monsters that will be on the prowl for unwary fighters.

Blade & Soul: Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan to Launch March 13th – Register to Receive a Free Boost

Blade & Soul will be getting a big update on March 13th when the Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan content expansion arrives. Players can register on the official site to receive a free Hongmoon Ascension Pack which, among other things, includes a level 60 Boost Voucher. The dev team will be revealing more about Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan, but we do know that it will include the level cap increase to 60, new class specializations, a new storyline, a new island full of rare beasts and the Lyn Warden.

Blade & Soul Team Hints at a New Ranged Damage Class

During a South Korean media event with the Blade & Soul team, it came to light that a new class is in the works. According to MMOCulture, the class will be a ranged damage dealer that will provide a challenging level of gameplay for longtime players. Those choosing the class will have additional manual control elements to use and will need to utilize angles and distance to maximize damage. There is no release window for the Korean version, let alone the NA version.

Blade & Ghoul Event to Kick Off in Blade & Soul on October 17th

The Blade & Soul site has been updated with a peek at this year’s Blade & Ghoul event. The holiday-themed content is scheduled to begin on October 17th and run through November 7th. During the event, players of level 50+ will head off to the Zaiwei Ruins to “defeat the hideous monsters and nightmares that haunt it”.

Blade & Soul – Next Update to Include New Warden Class

Blade & Soul will be getting a big update on September 12th called Warden’s Fury, the patch will include the Warden playable class as well as the “next Act in the epic story arc” plus a new dungeon. Players who had a registered account before today will receive a free Wandering Swordsman Pack when the class launches that includes a lot of handy items for players ready to raise their new Warden.