Blade & Soul Team Hints at a New Ranged Damage Class

During a South Korean media event with the Blade & Soul team, it came to light that a new class is in the works. According to MMOCulture, the class will be a ranged damage dealer that will provide a challenging level of gameplay for longtime players. Those choosing the class will have additional manual control elements to use and will need to utilize angles and distance to maximize damage. There is no release window for the Korean version, let alone the NA version.

Blade & Ghoul Event to Kick Off in Blade & Soul on October 17th

The Blade & Soul site has been updated with a peek at this year’s Blade & Ghoul event. The holiday-themed content is scheduled to begin on October 17th and run through November 7th. During the event, players of level 50+ will head off to the Zaiwei Ruins to “defeat the hideous monsters and nightmares that haunt it”.

Blade & Soul – Next Update to Include New Warden Class

Blade & Soul will be getting a big update on September 12th called Warden’s Fury, the patch will include the Warden playable class as well as the “next Act in the epic story arc” plus a new dungeon. Players who had a registered account before today will receive a free Wandering Swordsman Pack when the class launches that includes a lot of handy items for players ready to raise their new Warden.

Blade & Soul – ‘Impactful Changes to Core Items & Systems’ Previewed in New Blog

The Blade & Soul site has been updated with a post to provide players a preview of “a number of impactful itemization and systems changes” that are coming with the next update that is currently scheduled for release on July 25th. Readers will learn of the possibility of a merchant spawning in hard level dungeons, daily & weekly challenge rewards revamps, battleground tweaks and much more.

Blade & Soul – Celestial Dawn Update to Go Live Today

Blade & Soul will be getting a big update today called Celestial Dawn. The new content takes players to Nightfall Sanctuary, a new 12-player raid; brings a new solo Heroic Dungeon on board; and provides a chance for players to evolve weapons to the Grand Celestial level.