How MMOs Have Improved

No matter what you think about current MMOs there are still games out there that do extremely well in today’s market. There are two that I can think which provide updates and content for their user bases as well as fast leveling practices and multi-tiered cash shop options. Neverwinter and Elder Scrolls Online remain strong money makers for their respective markets and also keep the classic fantasy feel we all grew up with.

Not So MMO: Jump Force ? The Fighter We Deserve?

From Bandai Namco comes Jump Force, and it comes at the perfect time of the year for those of us who are trying to find that game to spend hours on. The game we saw teased at E3 2018 has finally made it live. I remember watching the trailer and thinking to myself, “wow, a game with Goku and all of these other anime characters that I can play as. This is awesome.” My feelings have not changed.

The Blizzard Problem

This was a tough week for anyone who works for Blizzard Entertainment or anyone who is a fan of the games. The Blizzard community has grown and fostered over many years now. Always heightened at BlizzCon the company was preaching unity, equality, and passion for their games worldwide. This message rung true to millions and it showed. However, all that began to take a turn for the worse these past few months.

Far Cry: New Dawn Review – Renewing Hope

Far Cry: New Dawn is the first direct sequel to a Far Cry title. How does New Dawn serve the franchise? Can it stand on its own or would it have been better to leave the story in a pile of nuclear ash where Far Cry 5 left off? Let’s find out.

Not So MMO: Yakuza Kiwami PC Review

Sega has brought the next chapter in the Yakuza series to PC with the remake of the first Yakuza game in Yakuza Kiwami. Although chronologically Yakuza Zero happens before this, the first game came out before it on PlayStation 2 in 2006. Kiwami means Extreme, and that is what Sega tries to bring its fans with retelling Yakuza. Does it succeed on PC? This is our Yakuza Kiwami PC review.

The RPG Files: God Eater 3 Review

God Eater 3 is a breath of fresh air for the God Eater franchise. It does not change much in terms of how the game is played, but what it does do is heavily improve on a lot of its previous systems and its mechanics. God Eater 3 does bring a new mission type into the game that involves 8 players. This is where I will start my tale of how I no-life my weekend away because it was really hard to pull myself away. This is our God Eater 3 review.

Mobile MMO AxE: Alliance vs Empire is Coming to North America

Nexon, the publishing/developer powerhouse, has announced that their next generation mobile MMORPG, AxE, will be released in North America later this year. Launching on the App Store and Google Play Store, this action focused MMORPG, promises to bring all of the features you have come to expect from a triple-A MMO to your mobile device. Boasting an vast, open world, immersive fantasy narrative and an epic PVP war between the Alliance and Empire, AxE hopes to present a fully realized MMO experie

Red Dead Reflections

As is the way of the wild west, each gunslinger eventually takes one last ride into a sunset they call the used to be. My time with Red Dead Redemption 2 has nearly come to an end. I see the conclusion but have yet to pursue it. This struck me as a good time to do a reflections piece on some of the areas that I’d like to see improved upon.

Subnautica: Below Zero ? Above Average

Unknown Worlds Entertainment releases the next installment of their fantastically innovative Subnautica. How does Subnautica: Below Zero stack up against its predecessor? Red Thomas dives in to give readers his thoughts on the new game.

The RPG Files: Kingdom Hearts 3 Review

As the credit rolled onscreen, I sat in disbelief at the journey I was just on. Almost seventeen years of storytelling wrapped up in a 30-hour ride of joy, sadness, laughter and anger – and I couldn’t believe it was over. Yet, even at the end, Kingdom Hearts 3 left even more questions than answers, prodding me to immediately load up my save and start playing it again, desperate to capture any detail I might’ve missed previously.