Not So MMO – TechWars: Global Conflict Review

In recent years, the video game market has been flooded with battle arenas of all shapes and sizes. Not all are successful, but sometimes the attempts are merely doorways into something that could be, given the company has the foresight and resources to see it and implement it. In Techwars: Global Conflict, developer Argus Games and publisher Black Sun Game Publishing attempt to bring isometric, team-based mech warfare into the mix. This is our review.

30,000 Players at the Same Time

This week I’m going to cover two games. One deserves it because of what they have accomplished both in game and as a professional game studio. The other, its free PVP and sometimes a fella needs a fix! I’m talking about the dark horse of the MMORPG genre Dual Universe and the lovechild of Halo and Titanfall Apex Legends!

The RPG Files – Reliving History with Warsaw

While PAX East was a decidedly “non-MMO” show, there were some truly great RPGs on display. But none caught my attention quite like WARSAW from Pixelated Milk. A turn-based reenactment of the Warsaw Uprising of WWII, WARSAW is one part XCOM and one part Darkest Dungeon, but also a good deal of Valiant Hearts too. It’s a game with heart, history, and loads of addictive “one-more-mission” features, and it’s quickly become one of my most wanted titles this year.

Elder Scrolls: Blades – A Golden Goose with a Lead Dollar Bill Round Its Neck

As we continue the slow, excruciating wait for Elder Scrolls 6 it’s easy to feel like Bethesda have left us out on a limb when it comes to our desperation to delve back into Tamriel. That is, of course, if you forget the very accessible and captivating Elder Scrolls Legends CCG, and, perhaps more evident, The Elder Scrolls Online. If for some reason all that isn’t tickling your biscuit, Elder Scrolls: Blades has now entered Early Access and is available to part of the player base that have signe

The RPG Files: Operencia: The Stolen Sun Review

Operencia: The Stolen Sun by Zen Studios is a throwback first-person turn-based dungeon crawler that seeks to add some modern polish to an older, underutilized formula of trying to put the player into a dungeon themselves, rather than controlling a character in the third person. While retro-styled games are definitely a popular design choice, this one doesn’t see much in the way of use. Does it still hold up? Let’s find out in our review of Operencia: The Stolen Sun.

The RPG Files: Grimshade Review

In May of 2018 Talerock successfully kickstarted their game Grimshade. It is a story driven RPG with tactical style battles. Grimshade released March 26, 2019, and we were happy to be able to get our hands on it and give it a go. Grimshade does some things that different that sets itself apart from traditional RPG’s. Let’s hop into it! This is our Grimshade review.

Not So MMO: Generation Zero Review

Have you ever felt so strongly about a decade or so in history that you wish an army of robots would come and just wipe the whole mess away? Maybe the ’80s? Avalanche Publishing bravely steps up to the task, making a valiant effort of doing just that with Generation Zero. This is our review.

The RPG Files: Outward Review – Travel Souls, Prepare to Run

Nine Dots Studio’s new release Outward is an open-world adventure RPG that throws the player into a brutal world as a nobody. The game is set up to have the player adventure through a dangerous world, while starting out as an absolute nobody. There isn’t any magical hero off to fulfill a prophecy here, just trying to go out into the world to find a home and make a few bucks on the side. But, will the game provide a worthwhile journey? This is our Outward review.

Not So MMO: LifeAfter Review

Chinese developer/publisher NetEase is no stranger to the mobile arena. While we wait to see how Diablo Immortal turns out, they recently released LifeAfter, an MMORPG with survival elements in the West. While many titles re-released to new markets struggle with translation, NetEase did a stand-up�job with the English translation. Did the gameplay survive the trip from the East as well, or is this just another “cash grab?” We explore that question in our LifeAfter review.