The RPG Files: Octopath Traveler Steam Review

When the game was first announced, I was immediately drawn to the design aspect. I had just finished playing through Bravely Second and was looking for that next big JRPG to fill the gap, the idea of Octopath fit the bill perfectly. The question, however, is did it fill that gap? The answer is yes and no, and here’s why.

Mike?s Best of E3 2019

Another year, another E3. This time the show was a bit smaller than we’re used to, with companies like Sony opting to skip altogether. Thankfully, the folks at Nintendo, Square Enix and Microsoft impressed enough to make for a decent overall showing. These are my favorite developments of E3 2019.

Not So MMO: Eden Rising Review

It’s not our fault that there is a peculiar alien AI waiting to coerce you into servitude and set you against the nearly insurmountable obstacle of an entire alien planet’s natural denizens. Don’t despair! Your friends can come, too! And, of course, the views are lovely this time of year. Don’t let the “anti-establishment” rhetoric worry you, this game has a lot to offer. This is our review of Nvizzio Creations and Meridian4’s open world, multiplayer, tower defense hybrid, Eden Rising.

Gaming Unscripted ? Star Wars: Empire at War

This week we delve into an old classic from Petroglyph Games, Star Wars: Empire at War. A game that was released way back in 2006, it took you on a trip as either the Rebellion or the Empire. The game places you between episodes three and four of the Star Wars Trilogies. A real-time strategy game that puts you in the heat of the battle as you build up your bases, fleets, and planetary resources.

It Lurks Below Review – A Cool Mashup of Genres

It Lurks Below is an indie action RPG survival game created by David Brevik. Combining a Starbound/Terraria based game with the likes of Diablo in a mashup that brings a new twist on an old idea. Which makes sense considering David Brevik worked on the Diablo series back when it was still being developed by Blizzard North.

Talion Mobile Review – Solid, But Too Familiar

The mobile MMO landscape continues to grow exponentially. Even in modern times we seem to be bombarded with what seems like many companies trying to find that World Of Warcraft “magic” bottled in a mobile context. Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr’s epigrams are frequently quoted. My favorite is one that comes to mind when playing Talion. The epigram goes “plus �a change, plus c’est la m�me chose”, which loosely translated means “”The more that things change, the more they stay the same”.

Mobile Review – Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest

Have you ever had any aspirations of commanding the forces of chaos? How about a deep-seated need to build a fortress and overthrow the empires of man? Do you wish that you could carry that ability with you and at the tap of a screen send out forces to do unto opposing chaos champions and their hordes? If you answered yes to these questions then a new mobile strategy game created by Tilting Point, in partnership with Games Workshop and Hunted Cow may be just for you. This is our Warhammer: Chaos

The RPG Files – Vambrace: Cold Soul Review

A ruined city, a strong female lead, rogue-like elements, and a crafting system – what more can one ask for? Vambrace: Cold Soul, developed and published by Devespresso Games and Headup, respectively, has all of this and more in this new release. Side-scrolling, rogue-like games have generally been welcome, if hit-or-miss, but does Vambrace: Cold Soul swing for the fences or strike out?

Gaming Unscripted ? Final Fantasy 7

It has been twenty years since Final Fantasy 7 came out in the United States, and I was onboard and ready to ride from the beginning. Final Fantasy 7 is a role-playing game that captured the hearts of millions back when it launched. It was the first of its kind to have 3D modeled characters, and it had some very cool cut scene videos as well. Did you take part in the rise of Final Fantasy 7?

TV over Video Games ? The Entertainment Factor

Everyone is talking about the end of Game of Thrones today. Many websites, especially game websites are covering it as their top story, if not top five stories. This marks a shift in journalism which has been going on in a while. When pop culture news shifts away from games to entertainment, things can get different for hardcore audiences. Are we in a short phase of entertainment out performing games on the pop culture stage?