Item Reward Cycles & the Crowfall Player

The latest Crowfall developer diary has appeared on the official site, this time dealing with the “item reward cycle” or, more simply, the rewards players gain by completing a activities within the game. While players will earn a variety of items along their journey, those will come with a “diminishing returns curve” meaning the more a player advances, the less impactful the rewards are. “The reason is that we want a player’s skill to matter more than itemization”.

Crowfall Team Describes the Power of Visual Storytelling

In a lengthy new blog on the Crowfall site, the team discusses how powerful the art of visual storytelling is to its game. Visual storytelling, in a sense, “brings worlds to life” with the goal to “visually give you a sense of a story without needing words or an explanation behind it”. Each player can then take those visual cues and insert themselves into the history and lore of the game world to make it a more personal story and “give context to the greater narrative threads in the world”.

Crowfall’s War Tribes to Provide Players with Complex Challenges Trying to Defeat Them

The Crowfall site has been updated with a look at the War Tribes system that will bring complex challenges to players as they “try to wrest control of the world away from the gods and stave off their inevitable destruction”. War Tribes can take the form of military encampments, tribal villages, abandoned villages. Usually these will be fortified by enemies that have banded together to scavenge resources and they can be found anywhere within the game world.

Crowfall Devs Reveal More Lucrative Rewards for Destroying Hunger Crystals

The Crowfall site has been updated with a look at recent changes to Hunger Crystals and how destroying them will yield some pretty sweet loot for those who take part. You may remember that Hunger Crystals are a physical manifestation of the Hunger that spreads throughout the game world and “that drain warmth and life from everything around them”. After watching players for the past nine months or so, devs felt players needed more incentive to destroy Hunger crystals. And did they deliver.

The Trials of the Gods Campaign Series Debuts in Crowfall

Crowfall players have a new series of campaigns called The Trials of the Gods. The Trials feature unique campaign worlds dedicated to each of the Gods. Over the next few months, players will encounter “unique maps, rules, and rewards themed to [each] God’s unique persona, powers and domain”. The first Trial is underway. Called Trials of Malekai, the campaign will run for two weeks and “pits players against each other in battle to win the favor of Malekai the Faceless God of Deception”.

Crowfall Devs Roll Out Capture Point Testing

Those involved in the current Crowfall test build will be able to check out the new Capture Point feature. Players will be working to capture specific points and to hold onto them as long as possible. The longer a location is held, the more Capture Bonus is awarded. “We’ve added an element of strategic decision-making to the choice around which locations each team will want to defend or capture”.

Crowfall Devs Detail ‘The Road to Alpha’ in New Blog

In a new blog post on the Crowfall site, Creative Director J. Todd Coleman details the “Road to Alpha”, numerically v6.0. Currently, the pre-alpha version 5.8 is live on servers and Coleman writes that it has been “VERY well-received” and has resulted in “both increased player concurrency and a noticeable uptick in new players”.