A New PvP Map in Elder Scrolls Online Will Take You to a World Between Worlds

When Update 21 goes live, players will find a new PvP map where players can earn new weapon outfit styles and other collectibles. Called Eld Angvar, developers call it a “world between worlds”. “You might recognize this location as one you visited during the Murkmire main questline, but this time, you’re using the void’s mysterious portals to hunt your fellow players,” the blog reads.

Wrathstone DLC to Launch in Elder Scrolls Online for PC on February 25th

Zenimax has announced that the Wrathstone DLC for Elder Scrolls Online will launch for PC players on February 25th. PlayStation 4 and XBox One players will be able to join in on March 12th. Wrathstone challenges players to find the two halves of the tablet by completing the Depths of Malatar and Frostvault dungeons. Wrathstone also marks the official ‘Season of the Dragon’ year-long campaign that includes the upcoming Elsweyr expansion.

Elder Scrolls Online Blog Introduces the Community to the Zone Guide

When Update 21 launches, all players will find a number of pretty cool QoL improvements, none neater than the new Zone Guide. When players enter a new zone, or even a previously-visited zone, they will be provided tons of information to “help players that want to complete a zone or those that feel lost and want to find something to do”.

Grab 500 Free Crowns If You’ve Logged Elder Scrolls Online in the Last 2 Years

If you’ve logged into Elder Scrolls Online any time between January 1, 2017 and February 7, 2019, you are eligible for a free 500 Crowns courtesy of ZeniMax Online Studios. The free gift from ZMI is “to show our appreciation for an ESO community that keeps surprising us!” the post on the site reads. The Crowns will be made available to all eligible accounts on Monday, February 11th.

Elder Scrolls Online to Kick Off the Morrowind Celebration Event on February 7th

Starting February 7th, Elder Scrolls Online players can take part in the Morrowind Celebration Event. Those who own Morrowind will be treated to double drops from resource nodes, all bosses and double reward boxes from dailies in the area. Those who don’t own Morrowind can pick it up for a special price: 1750 Crowns (50% off). Lastly, those participating in the event can earn Event Tickets needed to buy Indrik Feathers needed to evolve Indrik mounts.

Dying to Know About Upcoming Elder Scrolls Online Racial Changes? Devs Weigh In

The Elder Scrolls Online forum has been updated with a new post that provides players with a look at forthcoming changes to Racials. The information came after a meeting with Class Reps with much of the time taken on the discussion of racials. “Devs made us think they have taken our and the community’s feedback to heart and are legitimately trying to make his as smooth as possible. Speaking for myself, I was impressed and pleasantly surprised”.

Elder Scrolls Online Players to Receive 3 Race Change Tokens Ahead of Racial Balance

Ahead of the upcoming reworking of Racials in Elder Scrolls Online, the team has heard player feedback about “the total number of high level characters from ESO accounts” and will be awarding every player three race change tokens and three name change tokens. These will be automatically added to player accounts ahead of Update 21 when the changes to racials go into effect. We think that’s a pretty classy move altogether.