Dragons Descend Onto the Elder Scrolls Online PTR as Elsweyr Arrives

If you’re looking forward to trying out and testing the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online expansion, Elsweyr, we have good news for you today. The expansion content is now available on the ESO PTR. Players will set off for the home of the Khajiit and get a first look at the return of dragons. In addition, the Necromancer class is up for testing as is the new 12-player Trial, new set items and the base game Update 22 content.

Celebrate 5 Years of Elder Scrolls Online During the Five Week In-Game Extravaganza

Starting April 4th and running through May 9th, Elder Scrolls Online players will be able to take part in a celebratory event in honor of the game’s 5th anniversary. Players will get a quest to back this year’s Jubilee Cake that grants +100% XP for two hours. Each week of the event will spotlight different types of daily quests where players can earn unique rewards and will also award Indrik Berries for those still collecting them.

Celebrate 25 Years of Elder Scrolls by Playing the Elsweyr Prologue Event for Free

The Elder Scrolls series is turning 25! To celebrate, from March 28th to April 3rd, Elder Scrolls Online will be free to play for everyone including the Elsweyr Prologue. Purchase of the Elsweyr expansion is not necessary to play through the prologue event. The base game, including the Morrowind zone, will be available for the duration of the event as well. For those looking to purchase ESO, the Standard Edition will be on sale through April 9th and Summerset will be on sale through April 2nd.

Elder Scrolls Online: Wrathstone Launches for Console Players

Console Elder Scrolls Online players can now embark on the Season of the Dragon thanks to today’s release of Wrathstone, the 2-dungeon DLC that paves the way for June’s release of the Elsweyr content expansion. In addition to Wrathstone, all players will enjoy Update 21 that contains a number of new features including a new Battlegrounds map, PvP rewards, passive ability changes and much more.

Elder Scrolls Online Introduces the World to Its New Loremaster

Early last month, the Elder Scrolls Online team lost its longtime Loremaster, Lawrence Schick. Now a mere month later, the ESO community can rest easy knowing that great stories will continue to be told thanks to Leamon Tuttle being promoted to the job. Tuttle has been on the ESO team for eight years and was the principal writer on both Clockwork City and Murkmire.

Crime Pays During the Elder Scrolls Online Brotherhood Celebration

For you thiefy types, it’s time to get the lockpicks gathered, hone those daggers to a razor’s edge, and get that dark clothing pressed in time for the start of the next Elder Scrolls Online event. During the Brotherhood Celebration, nefarious thieves across Tamriel can earn bonus rewards “for certain criminal activities in both Hew’s Bane and the Gold Coast”. The event begins March 7th and runs through March 18th.

Elder Scrolls Online Updated with Wrathstone to Begin the Season of the Dragon

Elder Scrolls Online’s yearlong Season of the Dragon has kicked off starting today with the release of the Wrathstone DLC and Update 21. Players will find a pair of new dungeons: Depths of Malatar and Frostvault, both of which lead up to the Elsweyr content expansion coming on June 4th. “Each dungeon holds one-half of the ancient Wrathstone tablet, the key that Abnur Tharn later uses to open the Halls of Colossus, accidentally unleashing the dragons upon Elsweyr”.

A New PvP Map in Elder Scrolls Online Will Take You to a World Between Worlds

When Update 21 goes live, players will find a new PvP map where players can earn new weapon outfit styles and other collectibles. Called Eld Angvar, developers call it a “world between worlds”. “You might recognize this location as one you visited during the Murkmire main questline, but this time, you’re using the void’s mysterious portals to hunt your fellow players,” the blog reads.