Elder Scrolls Online Community to Sponsor ‘Tamriel for Ta Tas’ Charity Livestream

An Elder Scrolls Online community group, ESO Stream Team, will be hosting a charity live stream on Friday, October 20th to benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Called “Tamriel for Ta Tas”, the event till begin at 4:00 am Pacific / 7:00 am Eastern and will run through October 22nd. Nine streamers will be taking part throughout the event in an effort to raise $10,000. Viewers will have a chance for Twitch Drops and will be giving away pets as well.

The Witches Festival in Elder Scrolls Online Invites You to a Monstrous Good Time

The Witches Festival is coming to Elder Scrolls Online starting October 18th. During the event, not only can you have a ton of fun taking part in the thrills and chills while collecting Witches Festival-themed loot, but you can literally be a monster while doing it! Those who opt to use the Witchmother’s Whistle (obtained via a special quest) can buff themselves & their party with a 2-hour 100% XP boost AND transform into an Undead.

End-of-Year Elder Scrolls Online Events Will Net You the Indrik Mount

Elder Scrolls Online devs are on a happy gift-giving jag lately. Earlier this month, the community earned a trio of goodies and the joy isn’t stopping now. Over the course of the next few months, players are invited to participate in a number of events. Successfully doing so will net them the Indrik Mount — all for the price of enjoying the game.

Murkmire Prologue Quests Begin Today in Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online site has been updated with the news that the Murkmire DLC will be coming out for PC on October 22nd and for XBox One / PlayStation 4 on November 6th. Murkmire contains a brand new zone complete with new quests and adventures. The DLC is part of the Plus membership package or it can be purchased separately from the Crown Store. To get started, a number of prologue quests have been added to ESO starting today.

Elder Scrolls Online Previews the Blackrose Prison 4-Player Arena

When Murkmire launches into Elder Scrolls Online, it will come with a brand new 4-player arena called Blackrose Prison. The game’s official site has been updated with a preview of the new cooperative content that includes a bit of lore behind it. In addition, the team offers some strategies that players can utilize as they take on ever-increasingly difficult enemies, environmental mechanics and a final boss taking place over the course of five rounds.

Retraction: Gina Bruno Social Media Accounts Hacked

Earlier today, we posted a story allegedly from ESO’s Gina Bruno indicating that she was resigning from the company due to an assault. It came to our attention after the story was published that Gina’s social media accounts were hacked. We appreciate both Gina and our own community for pointing out the forum post on the Elder Scrolls Online site clarifying that this was indeed a hacked post on Twitter.