EVE Online’s Guardian’s Gala Returns on February 12th

From February 12th to February 25th, EVE Online capsuleers will be able to take part in Guardian’s Gala with “new and exciting challenges, visuals and content”. Players will be able to earn a variety of rare modules, Spirit SKINs, facial augmentations, implants, boosters and cerebral accelerators. Angel Cartel and Serpentis pirate factions are in partying moods and players are invited to “crash the party and share the spoils”.

CCP Begins Ticket Sales for EVE Invasion World Tour

Tickets for the first three events in the EVE Invasion World Tour are now on sale. Interested fans can purchase tickets for EVEsterdam, EVE Down Under and EVE North via the Eventbrite site. These events are the first ones in the EVE Invasion World Tour that will also see stops in Russia, Canada, Germany, the UK and the USA.

EVE Online’s Team Security Details Recent Ban Wave & Work to Stop ‘Illicit ISK’ Sales

The first EVE Online security report for 2019 has been published. In it, the development team lays out its case for a recent action that saw over 600 accounts permanently banned as a result of ‘modified clients, also known as client hacking’. In addition, Team Security is working with Business Development and the Legal department to try to stamp out “advertising and sales of illicit ISK”.

EVE Online Ready to Hit the Road for a Worldwide Tour in 2019

During a special live stream event, CCP Games announced that it will be taking the fanfest experience on the road in 2019. Called the EVE World Tour, events will take place in cities around the world throughout 2019. It will feature tournaments, livestreams, unique in-game rewards, reveals, developer round tables and stellar parties” all designed to bring EVE closer to its community.

Operation Permafrost to Run in EVE Online Through January 2nd

From today through January 2nd, EVE Online players can take part in Operation Permafrost that brings a ton of challenges, visuals and content to the game as well as event-specific rewards. The latter includes Mordu’s Legion and Frostline module blueprints and SKINS, boosters and Cerebral Accelerators. Content is given in The Agency with a list of objectives players can pursue.

EVE Online: Onslaught to Go Live on November 13th

On November 13th, EVE Online players will see the release of the Onslaught content expansion that will bring a slew of quality of life changes to the game as well as a pair of triglavian ships, “a host of navigation structures”, new content and a fresh balance pass. Fans of the abyssal deadspace will be happy to hear that the first PvP encounters will be added along with the new co-op mode.

The Crimson Harvest Makes a Return to EVE Online

EVE Online players can take part in the annual Red Harvest event from now through November 5th. Players will be able to get hold of new rewards “including the Cerebral Accelerator” that is built using a new material obtained by running the gauntlet.