Rogue Drones Are Back in EVE Online Through October 1st

From today through October 1st, EVE Online capsuleers can check out the Rogue Drones event that allows them to grab exclusive rewards. There are a number of objectives across the cluster “in a variety of challenges”. Those who sign on will head to Rogue Drone nests to “clear them out of New Eden” to earn Agency points. These can then be used to unlock upgrades. “The bigger the Drones, the bigger the rewards”.

CCP Games Acquired by Black Desert Online Creators Pearl Abyss

Pearl Abyss, the creator of the MMO Black Desert Online, have announced that it will acquire Iceland-based CCP Games. CCP Games is well known for being the creators of the insanely popular space MMORPG EVE Online. Through this deal, CCP Games will still operate independently from Pearl Abyss, operating their Shanghai, London and Reykjavik studios.

EVE Online – Secrets of the Abyss to Run from Today Through September 4th

CCP Games has announced that EVE Online players can take part in the Secrets of the Abyss event from today through September 4th. During the event, players will head further into Abyssal Deadspace to discover secrets that unlock new rewards “in exchange for completing treacherous challenges”. The update will also bring the overhauled New Player Experience into the game with “significant QoL improvements to the combat path” as well as fixes and changes.

EVE Online – Dawn of Liberation Event Offers Bounty Hunting & Rescue Ops & More

From now through July 24th, EVE Online players can take part in the Dawn of Liberation event as they “join the struggle of the Minmatar people”. Players will find a range of objectives that provide a variety of ways to accomplish that including through bounty hunting, rescuing slaves from ships and facilities and much more. Along the way, players earn Agency points for completing objectives that unlock rewards.

EVE Online – All Active Capsuleers Issued Abyssal Filaments

Any players who have logged into their EVE Online accounts since the launch of Ascension back in November 2016 have been gifted with a brand spankin’ new Abyssal Filament in honor of the arrival of the Into the Abyss content expansion. Players can receive any one of four filaments, each with its own risks and rewards when used.

EVE Online – Into the Abyss Expansion Launching May 29th with Upgraded System Specs

The EVE Online site has been updated with the news that the next content expansion, Into the Abyss, will be launching on Tuesday, May 29th. Players can expect a 30 minute downtime to deploy the patch starting at 3:00 am Pacific / 6:00 am Eastern. The expansion comes with new content to all areas of space as well as “stunning new environments that breathe new life and bring new content to all areas of space”.

EVE Online – Faction Citadels Detailed in Latest Developer Blog

The EVE Online site has been updated with a lengthy new blog to lay out some of the details about the change over and details regarding Faction Citadels coming on June 5th. All Outposts and Conquerable Stations will be converted to Upwell STructures at that time. The blog is designed to provide information to players about how to best prepare for the June 5th swap.