GM Week Blasts Into EVE Online

This week sees another event coming to capsuleers in New Eden. EVE Online is kicking off it’s GM Week today with a “fun schedule” which will have Game Masters venturing to all corners of New Eden over the next few days.

Eve Online Gives Players One Last Warning

Today, Eve admins dropped a final overview of a new change to null-sec space. This lawless section of CCP’s great online adventure is about to find all local chat flipped over to delayed mode. What this means for the space-based entrepreneur, because I’d never call anybody a thieving pirate, is a definite shift in nullsec’s dynamic. Players who chose to run silently will no longer appear in the local population, only cropping up if they type into the chat.

The Invasion Begins in EVE Online with Today’s Update

Invasion has officially launched into EVE Online. The latest content expansion brings a new storyline into the game starting with the first chapter of the Triglavian story “plunging New Eden into chaos”. Players will have to “meet the threat head-on” as they battle enemy ships with “escalating consequences” while earning some of the game’s newest rewards.

EVE Online Steam Players Can Grab a Free Invasion Starter Pack

From May 23rd to May 25th, EVE Online Steam players can take home a free Invasion Starter Kit that contains a number of goodies for new pilots. Players will receive a week’s worth of Omega premium access, 250k Skill Points, a Standard Cerebral Accelerator, 5x Tier 1 Abyssal Filaments, Ship SKINs from previous events and the Blood Raider apparel. Players can claim the gift starting today at 10:00 am Pacific / 1:00 pm Eastern.