EVE Online Celebrates Katia Sae With a Monument in the Saisio System

Katia Sae is an intrepid capsuleer who last month revealed that she had traveled to all of EVE Online’s systems over the course of a decade and had done so without losing a single ship. In celebration of this monumental and first-of-its-kind achievement, the “Archura Stargazers Society” has put up a monument in her honor out in the Saisio System.

In EVE: Aether Wars Demo, Nearly 4k Players & 10k AI-Controlled Vessels Went to Battle

During this week’s Game Developers Conference, CCP Games and Hadeon teamed up to showcase the “next evolution” of gaming by creating a virtual battle that saw over 14,000 ships taking part. Among that number were nearly 4,000 EVE Online players alongside 10,000 AI-controlled ships. The highest concurrent number reached over 10,000 and almost 9,000 ships were destroyed in the huge groundbreaking battle.

EVE Online Updated with the March Release with Skills on Demand & More

The March update to EVE Online has been released into the game. This patch brings a number of new features into the game including the “Skills on Demand” alongside skill price reductions coming later this week. In addition, CCP has placed all level 4 and 5 missions “behind the requirement to have an Omega state account” in an effort to decrease RMT.

CCP Partners with Hadean to Create a 10,000 Player EVE Tech Demo

CCP Games is looking to push the envelope of its server technology with a new partnership announcement with Hadean. The pair are working on EVE: Aether Wars, a tech demo that will be shown at GDC and will feature up to 10,000 players in battle using Hadean’s simulation engine. Hadean has been instrumental with its Aether engine by allowing “developers to seamlessly scale their applications at increased speed and ease across the cloud.” Ultimately, EVE & Valkyrie players could fly together.

EVE Online Devs Dish About ‘Skills on Demand’ & Changes Coming to the Entire System

The EVE Online site has been updated with a new dev blog that lays out some big changes coming to the Skill System, particularly with regard to the skill training system to make it simpler and more convenient. Players will still obtain skillpoints through gameplay that are “fed into a specific skill to improve the specialization”, but the way core training skills will be obtained will be through “Skills on Demand”.

EVE Online’s Guardian’s Gala Returns on February 12th

From February 12th to February 25th, EVE Online capsuleers will be able to take part in Guardian’s Gala with “new and exciting challenges, visuals and content”. Players will be able to earn a variety of rare modules, Spirit SKINs, facial augmentations, implants, boosters and cerebral accelerators. Angel Cartel and Serpentis pirate factions are in partying moods and players are invited to “crash the party and share the spoils”.

CCP Begins Ticket Sales for EVE Invasion World Tour

Tickets for the first three events in the EVE Invasion World Tour are now on sale. Interested fans can purchase tickets for EVEsterdam, EVE Down Under and EVE North via the Eventbrite site. These events are the first ones in the EVE Invasion World Tour that will also see stops in Russia, Canada, Germany, the UK and the USA.

EVE Online’s Team Security Details Recent Ban Wave & Work to Stop ‘Illicit ISK’ Sales

The first EVE Online security report for 2019 has been published. In it, the development team lays out its case for a recent action that saw over 600 accounts permanently banned as a result of ‘modified clients, also known as client hacking’. In addition, Team Security is working with Business Development and the Legal department to try to stamp out “advertising and sales of illicit ISK”.

EVE Online Ready to Hit the Road for a Worldwide Tour in 2019

During a special live stream event, CCP Games announced that it will be taking the fanfest experience on the road in 2019. Called the EVE World Tour, events will take place in cities around the world throughout 2019. It will feature tournaments, livestreams, unique in-game rewards, reveals, developer round tables and stellar parties” all designed to bring EVE closer to its community.