The Invasion Begins in EVE Online with Today’s Update

Invasion has officially launched into EVE Online. The latest content expansion brings a new storyline into the game starting with the first chapter of the Triglavian story “plunging New Eden into chaos”. Players will have to “meet the threat head-on” as they battle enemy ships with “escalating consequences” while earning some of the game’s newest rewards.

EVE Online Steam Players Can Grab a Free Invasion Starter Pack

From May 23rd to May 25th, EVE Online Steam players can take home a free Invasion Starter Kit that contains a number of goodies for new pilots. Players will receive a week’s worth of Omega premium access, 250k Skill Points, a Standard Cerebral Accelerator, 5x Tier 1 Abyssal Filaments, Ship SKINs from previous events and the Blood Raider apparel. Players can claim the gift starting today at 10:00 am Pacific / 1:00 pm Eastern.

Take Part in EVE Online’s 16th Anniversary with Daily Log In Rewards

From May 2nd to May 20th, EVE Online capsuleers can take part in the game’s 16th anniversary celebration. As part of the festivities, players can get hold of in-game rewards on a daily basis thanks to the log-in event. All rewards can be claimed if players log in for 16 of the days available. Alpha and Omega players can claim all rewards, “although the Omega rewards are a bit more valuable”.

EVE Online Celebrates Katia Sae With a Monument in the Saisio System

Katia Sae is an intrepid capsuleer who last month revealed that she had traveled to all of EVE Online’s systems over the course of a decade and had done so without losing a single ship. In celebration of this monumental and first-of-its-kind achievement, the “Archura Stargazers Society” has put up a monument in her honor out in the Saisio System.

In EVE: Aether Wars Demo, Nearly 4k Players & 10k AI-Controlled Vessels Went to Battle

During this week’s Game Developers Conference, CCP Games and Hadeon teamed up to showcase the “next evolution” of gaming by creating a virtual battle that saw over 14,000 ships taking part. Among that number were nearly 4,000 EVE Online players alongside 10,000 AI-controlled ships. The highest concurrent number reached over 10,000 and almost 9,000 ships were destroyed in the huge groundbreaking battle.

EVE Online Updated with the March Release with Skills on Demand & More

The March update to EVE Online has been released into the game. This patch brings a number of new features into the game including the “Skills on Demand” alongside skill price reductions coming later this week. In addition, CCP has placed all level 4 and 5 missions “behind the requirement to have an Omega state account” in an effort to decrease RMT.