Final Fantasy XIV Ramen Promotion Arrives in the UK

Manchester, UK Final Fantasy XIV fans attend! From July 1st to July 21st, you can head over to Shoryu Ramen to score a FFXIV-themed set menu that includes “delicious ramen and exclusive in-game items”. For about $30 USD, you will receive a special three-course meal themed around FFXIV. In addition, you will unlock 10 of the Buttery Mogbiscuits and Fat Choco Choco, each granting 4% XP for 30 minutes.

Make It Rain in Final Fantasy XIV Starting June 6th

From June 6th to June 24th, Final Fantasy XIV players can take part in the annual Make It Rain event. Players head off to the Gold Saucer to complete a special storyline in order to earn a Manderville Gold Saucer card. Players can earn double MGP by taking part in any of the Gold Saucer attractions. These MGP can be traded for a number of discounted items including the Monster Toss Machine, Cuff-a-Cur Machine, Roland Card, and a Gigi Card to name a few.

Ready for Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers? Check the Benchmark to Find Out

The Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers benchmark test is out in the wild so that players can ensure their systems are up to par for launch in late June. The benchmark test can be downloaded and installed. When run on a player’s system, it will use in-game maps and playable characters to assess the system. When complete, the PC will be assigned a score and its performance will be rated to provide information about how well Shadowbringers will play.

Select Players Can Receive Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward for Free

Square Enix has announced that owners of the Final Fantasy XIV base game (A Realm Reborn) or the FFXIV Online Starter Edition will be able to add the Heavensward expansion to their account for free and be able to “keep it in perpetuity”. The expansion offer is available to players on PlayStation 4, PC and Mac.

Final Fantasy XIV Blog Showcases the Outstanding Creature Designs from Amemiya

The Final Fantasy XIV site has been updated with a new blog post to show off some of the fantastic concept art created for the Return to Ivalice alliance raid series. The works were all created by Keita Amemiya, the Executive Director of the GARO series. The post is filled with both black and white and full color designs. For those who love the artistic side of gaming, it’s a must-read.

Ready to Dive Into Final Fantasy XIV? You Can for 50% Off

If you are ready to dive into Final Fantasy XIV, this week is a good week to do so. During the “Golden Week Sale”, you can get a copy of the complete edition for 50% off. The complete edition is $29.99 and includes A Realm Reborn and both the Heavensward and Stormblood expansions. If you’re just in the market for Stormblood on its own, it is $19.99. The 50% off deals are available for PC, Mac and PS4.

Final Fantasy XIV Devs Provide ‘How-To’ Lessons for the World Visit System

When the World Visit System arrives in Final Fantasy XIV tomorrow, it gives players a chance to travel to other servers to visit with friends or just to see how another group of people live. In order to head out on new world adventures, players will need to know how to do so. Luckily, the FFXIV team has it covered with a new World Visit System Guide on the Lodestone.