Starting Tomorrow, Final Fantasy XIV Players Can Take Part in an FFXV Crossover

When Nocturne for Heroes debuts in Final Fantasy XIV tomorrow, they will be able to take part in an epic FFXIV crossover event with FFXV. The event begins on April 16th and lasts through May 27th and players will have the opportunity to see FFXV protagonist, Noctis, in the game. Perhaps best of all, players can earn the four-passenger Regalia vehicle alongside Noctis’s “attire, hairstyle and FFXV themed orchestrion rolls”.

Hatching Tide Event to Return to Final Fantasy XIV on April 9th

From April 9th to April 22nd, Final Fantasy XIV players will be able to take part in the annual Hatching Tide event. Players will visit Old Gridania and work with Jihli Aliapoh to solve “devious puzzles and locate hidden eggs across Eorzea”. Of course, what event comes without its rewards? Participants can score “a range of Spriggan-themed armor and egg-citing banquets” for their efforts.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Finale Arrives with Today’s v4.56 Update

With the launch of v4.56 for Final Fantasy XIV, players will see the events of the Stormblood expansion come to a close as the stage is set for the Shadowbringers expansion coming July 2nd. Players will find more adventures with Hildibrand, enjoy some new emotes, earn new items and those at end game can take part in an 8-player fight against Yojimbo. Between now and the July release of Shadowbringers, more features and content will be released including a FFXV crossover event on April 16th.

Automatic Demolition to Return to Final Fantasy XIV

Automatic Demolition was disabled temporarily on the Aether/Primal Data Centers back in October of 2018 due to Hurricane Michael. For those that don’t know, or don’t remember, Hurricane Michael devastated Florida as it moved through the panhandle and into Georgia and North Carolina. Millions of residents were left without power, many without a home. Square Enix saw this and placed a hold on the Automatic Demolition system to prevent people from losing even more.

Final Fantasy XIV Float Stars in Sydney’s 2019 Mardi Gras Parade

During Sydney’s Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras over this past weekend, Square Enix teamed up with Sydney Gaymers to bring a Final Fantasy XIV-themed float to the parade. FFXIV’s Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida wrote, “To see this makes me very happy indeed, both as the person in charge of FFXIV and also as just another player of the game. FFXIV is another world that continues to grow and expand online. I would like to continue developing this world, hand in hand with communities” everywhere.

Final Fantasy XIV Mog Station Updated with a $24 Fatter Cat Mount

If you want to be a fat cat in Final Fantasy XIV and strut your financial prowess, you can literally do so by purchasing the $24 “Fatter Cat” mount from the Mog Station. “Do you find yourself staring at your fat cat and dreaming of something greater? Something…fatter? Well, dream no more! This magnificent beast is so large, so wobbly, that both the earth and the very firmament tremble as it trundles!”

For About $31,500, You Can Have an ‘Official’ Final Fantasy XIV Wedding in Japan

While in-game weddings have been available in Final Fantasy XIV for a long while, it’s not something that the players themselves could have a similar wedding “in real life”. That’s all changed with the arrival of Bridal Hearts that was shown off by Square Enix on Valentine’s Day. Reservations for the $31,500 FFXIV-themed extravaganza will open in the next several weeks according to game producer Naoki Yoshida.

Final Fantasy XIV’s Little Ladies’ Day Seasonal Event Begins February 28th

From February 28th to March 13th, Final Fantasy XIV players can take part in the Little Ladies’ Day seasonal event. “As ladies stroll the avenues of Ul’dah, dancing among drifting peach petals and faces aglow with delight, one cannot help but remember what Sultan Baldric Thorne knew so well?that each and every girl deserves to be treasured. On this Little Ladies’ Day, however, one in particular will need a kind adventurer’s help if the festival is to be a dream come true.”