Square Enix Launches Another Final Fantasy XIV Free Login Campaign

From now through December 23rd, former registered players can make a return to Final Fantasy XIV for up to 96 hours during the free login campaign. The clock starts ticking on the first login, but allows players up to four free days of game time in order to check out all of the new additions and improvements to the game since the last time they played.

Final Fantasy XIV: Prelude in Violet 4.45 Launches

If you’ve been looking for lots of brand new content in Final Fantasy XIV, look no further than today’s launch of Prelude in Violet patch v4.45. Prelude in Violet content includes new side story quests (such as Hildibrand!), new furnishings have been added alongside additional orchestrion rolls, the Manderville Gold Saucer has new prizes, new emotes and hairstyles have been added, adjustments to weekly raid rewards are included as well.

Devs Preview New Server Back-Up Feature for Final Fantasy XIV

The Final Fantasy XIV team has posted a new developer blog to introduce players to one of the big new features coming with Patch 4.45: The Server Back-Up feature. Using this, players can “transfer configuration settings between PCs, as well as restor[e] configuration data when needed”. When it launches with Patch 4.45, it will be for PC only at first. Once it is stabile, it will be also become available to PS4 players.

New Final Fantasy XIV ‘Encyclopedia Eorzea Volume II’ Teased in Latest Blog

The Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone has been updated with a preview of the upcoming book, “Encyclopedia Eorzea: The World of Final Fantasy XIV – Volume II”. The second volume in the series comes two years after the first release. Judging by the preview pages, the wait was worth it. The latest volume features 304 pages of artwork, lore and much more. It’s set for release on November 24th, just in time for holiday giving to your favorite FFXIV fan.

Celebrate All Saints’ Wake in Final Fantasy XIV Starting October 18th

From October 18th to November 1st, Final Fantasy XIV players can have tons of spooky fun during the annual All Saints’ Wake festival. During the event, players can head to the Continental Circus in Gridania to take part in tricks AND treats that can be earned. These include Little Yin and Little Yang minions, housing items to suit the most discerning of haunted houses and much more. Also keep eyes peeled for a new themed contest that will be announced on the Lodestone soon.

Final Fantasy XIV’s Yoshida Naoki on Going F2P – ‘No Plan at All’

A new interview with Final Fantasy XIV’s Yoshida Naoki has been published on Korean site Iven.co.kr where he is specifically asked about the possibility of moving the game to a free-to-play revenue model. His answer is unequivocal, “We have no plan for F2P at all.” The answer came as part of a larger discussion of the 4.3 update and general gameplay in Final Fantasy XIV.

The Final Fantasy XIV 5th Anniversary Infographic – But It’s Not What You Think

We’re all used to game developers posting up infographics periodically to provide some statistical information about monster kills or quests completed, for instance. The Final Fantasy XIV team, however, for the game’s fifth anniversary has put up an infographic, yes, but one with a twist. Have you ever wondered how much in-game text there is in FFXIV? Or perhaps how many minutes of cutscene time there is in the game? If so, then wonder no longer!