Even Fortnite is Pumped for Tomorrow’s Stranger Things Season 3 Debut

It appears that one cultural phenomenon can get pumped up by another cultural phenomenon. Fortnite’s Mega Mall location is apparently rife with “upside down portals” inspired by the Netflix series, Stranger Things. Stranger Things Season 3 is set to debut tomorrow. Mega Mall is also the home of Scoops Ahoy, an ice cream stand that is also present in Stranger Things and ice cream cones are found here and there that grant players +5 health each.

Cattus May Soon Face Off Against Doggus in Fortnite as Season 10 Approaches

With Fortnite Season 10 prepping to begin on August 1st, it appears that a major bot battle may be the opening event. Cattus, aka the Polar Peak Monster, has been seen lurking about in deep water with a piece of Polar Peak on its back lately. What giant robocat would be worth its salt without an appropriately-sized foe? Dataminers have uncovered who they think that might be: Doggus, a new giant robot under construction in the Pressure Plant vault.

14 Days of Summer Lands in Fortnite as Revenues Tumble Year-Over-Year

Epic has officially kicked off the 14 Days of Summer in all of versions of Fortnite. During the event, each day will bring new challenges, Limited Time Modes, rewards, outfits and new items in the shop. Creative players will also be find a new featured island each day of the event and Save the World players will complete a daily mission to “help Homebase host the hottest summer party around and score some summer freebies in the store”.

Refresh Your Crew with the New Fortnite Battle Royale ‘Chug Splash’

The latest Fortnite update notes have been published, this time featuring the new “Chug Splash” item coming to Battle Royale that heals all players within its splash radius. This week’s Limited Time Mode rotation features Sniper Shootout Duos, Trios and Solid Gold Squads. Battle Royale has also had a number of weapons tweaked along with tons of bug fixes and performance improvements.

Michael Jordan Theme Bounces Its Way Into Fortnite Creative in Latest Crossover Event

Just when you think you’ve seen the oddest crossovers ever, something comes along and surprises you again. This time, it’s the new Fortnite Creative crossover event featuring Michael Jordan. The new content was made by Creative artists NotNellaf and Tollmolia. Creative players will be able to take home a number of themed cosmetics for participating in the Downtown Drop LTM. These include the Clutch Outfit and the Grind Outfit.

John Wick Crossover Event Rumored for Fortnite

Twitter is, well…atwitter with the news that a John Wick crossover event may be coming to Fortnite in the near future. Hypex discovered a skin that looks an awful lot like Keanu Reeves as well as several other including one that resembles Halle Berry’s costume in the upcoming film. The event may feature a special Wick-themed limited time mode.