Players Can Earn a Free Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass

Fortnite players will be able to earn a free Season 8 Battle Pass just by playing the game. All that is required to earn the Battle Pass is for players to complete 13 free Overtime Challenges by February 27th. Once the Battle Pass is live on a player’s account, two Outfits are instantly added and more can be earned throughout the season’s duration.

Marshmello’s Concert in Fortnite Drew in 10 MILLION Concurrent Players

Epic has once again proved that Fortnite is a phenomenon unlike anything ever seen before. Last week, Epic hosted an in-game concert with Marshmello with over ten million concurrent players participating. At the appointed hour, all Fortnite players were sent to the concert venue in-game where they were treated to a 10-minute Marshmello set and even live audio. In addition, players were tossed into low gravity or found they could fly through the air around the stage.

Fortnite Adds Chiller Grenades & Mobile Controller Support in Latest Update

Fortnite Battle Royale has been updated to bring a number of things on board including mobile controller support, the new Chiller Grenade, the Solid Gold LTM, the Architect Pop Up Tournament, a number of bug fixes, and much more. Creative Mode also received some love with Piano Keys and Music Blocks added as well as Arctic Base Prefabs along with bug fixes and more. Save the World received its XRay Llamas, the new Spectral Blade along with bug fixes and other general updates.

Fortnite to Shine in the Spotlight at Tennis’s Australian Open

Professional tennis is embracing game culture with a special Fortnite exhibition during this summer’s Australian Open. During the first of the four “Grand Slam” tournaments, fans can check out a solo tournament where competitors will vie for a share of about $400,000. A duo event with professional Fortnite players, content creators and celebrity gamers will compete to win a prize pool for a designated charity.

It Seems that Fortnite Is Getting Creative Mode in Season 7 If the Leaks Are True

According to Fortnite: Battle Royale Leaks Twitter, it seems that the game will be getting Creative Mode starting in Season 7. This means that players will have access to tools to create unique private islands as well as have the ability to host custom servers. Players can host limited time servers or even leave them up for others to join. Server selection will take place via a central lobby.