Guild Wars 2: Is ArenaNet a Victim of Misplaced Devotion?

From the onset of what the general public understands of massive layoffs in the gaming industry, these ejections are usually a stark foreshadowing of a darker picture. While that may not specifically be the case in ArenaNets case, or at least, it may be too early to tell whether this restructuring may indeed produce a leaner more profitable ANet, it behooves us to postulate on the broader picture of what ArenaNet may be leaving behind, and why we may not be out of the woods just yet.

Guild Wars 2: Analyzing Requiem

After the last Living Story update, ArenaNet also released what looks to be three short stories about three characters who have played significant parts in our journey. This series is being called All or Nothing: Requiem and seems to be filling in some of the narrative which they haven’t been able to provide directly in game.

Guild Wars 2 – It’s Not Over

As you know, Guild Wars 2, hasn’t had the best news recently with all the layoffs and restructuring. Along with myself a ton of other people we haven’t given up hope on the game we cherish. ANet has reassured us that development will continue. We have a glimmer of hope in these sad times. When I first read the news, I was heartbroken. These people who I have come to know and see their vision come to life, gone.

Guild Wars 2: More Than Just a Damage Number

It is almost a week on from the announcement that staff lay-offs were coming to Guild Wars 2 publisher, ArenaNet. As I begin to look back on the fall out of a pretty catastrophic wipe, Thursday morning is creeping up on me, and it seems like an appropriate time to sit and take stock of everything that has happened.

Guild Wars 2 ? How ArenaNet?s Layoffs Affect Us

In an unexpected turn yesterday, ArenaNet’s employees confirmed a rumor related to massive layoffs that are planned to permeate throughout the company soon. While we have no confirmed amounts of how many of the nearly 400 members of staff that ArenaNet employs will be out of work, the confirmations came in the form of tweets from current staff. After massive rounds of layoffs have hit EA and Activision in recent weeks, we, the gaming faithful, look on with solidarity and hope that those that ha

Guild Wars 2: Is it too Late for New Races?

When dragons first reared their heads, the first responders of Tyria were the Asura, the Charr, the Humans, the Norn, and the Sylvari. With their powers combined, they created an alliance which culminated in a slew of playable races with semi-important perspectives and mostly forgotten racial abilities. After days of cavorting with Hylek, and meeting the Mursaat, one might think the possibility of another playable race is right around the corner. Unfortunately, my friendly Tyrians, I fear you a

Guild Wars 2: Tracking Projects

One of the things I love about Guild Wars 2 is there is never a shortage of things for me to work on. However, this is also the biggest issue I have in GW2… I have so many projects I’m working on I sometimes forget what I’m working on! Some of this is my issue because I can’t just focus on one project at a time, but some of this is an issue with how the UI in GW2 works.

Guild Wars 2: Playing Together or Getting Further Apart?

After more than six years, I can still remember finding ArenaNet’s approach to gathering mind-blowing. Like world events and mob tagging, the gathering system in Guild Wars 2 dragged us out of the dark ages. In a move that seems almost obvious now, ArenaNet instanced gathering nodes, materials, and collectible resources to individual players wandering the Plains of Ashford or skipping through the Streets of Divinity’s Reach.

Guild Wars 2: Jack of All Trades

As I’ve adventured in Tyria, made some alts, and fiddled with some builds I’ve come to realize there is really no wrong way to play Guild Wars 2. I know that is a loaded statement and let me clarify. Casual play is the best way for me to approach Guild Wars. I login, do a couple of quests and zones, do some crafting and logout. No pressure at all. Meet some great people, and genuinely enjoy myself. Not something I can say about MMORPGs lately.

Casual Play is Guild Wars 2’s Greatest Strength

If you are a hardcore Guild Wars 2 fan, and login every single day for your dailies, chomp at the bit for every living world release, and achievement hunt until your face is as blue as a Quaggan, then perhaps this article may seem a little blas�. For the rest of us who can’t be bothered with the minutia of daily Tyrian life, there lies a greater strength hidden inside Guild Wars 2, it’s supreme use of casual play.