Gird Your Loins: Guild Wars 2 Elite Specs to See Some Big Changes Next Week

Guild Wars 2 devs have posted a note to the community to prepare them for some big changes coming to Elite Specializations with next week’s update. “We’re targeting a few elite specialization to receive trade-offs, and we expect to continue doing this in future updates”. The example of what a devs consider a trade off is the Necromancer who, when choosing an elite spec, loses Death Shroud, but they gain additional abilities.

ArenaNet Teases Guild Wars 2: Living World Season 4 – War Eternal

During last weekend’s EGX Rezzed, ArenaNet put out a brief video to tease Living World Season 4 – War Eternal. This will be the sixth and final chapter of Living World Season 4. At one point in the very short teaser video, viewers can see at least two dragons soaring in the air. Devs didn’t mention any release date, but it’s a fun forward look at what’s to come in Guild Wars 2 in the near future.

Get Hold of Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 4 Episode 2 for Free This Week

The second week of free content is up for grabs in Guild Wars 2. Players can log in and get hold of Living World Season 4 Episode 2: A Bug in the System. Players will find and explore the Sandswept Isles as part of the storyline that came out just about a year ago. Players can pick it up by visiting the Gem Store and choosing the free episode and can also score a free Metabolic Primer. Both will need to be claimed before April 8th.

Players Can Unlock a Free Guild Wars 2 Episode This Week

As part of the “Welcome Back to Guild Wars 2” campaign over the coming weeks, players will be able to check out a variety of live streams and unlock in-game content. This week, for instance, players can unlock the Daybreak episode. All that is required is to log into the game, head to the Gem Store and unlock the episode for free. This promotion will last through April 1st.

Super Adventure Festival Begins March 28th in Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 who love fun quirky adventures will be happy to hear that the Super Adventure Festival is returning to the game starting March 28th. Players will be able to “enjoy the return of bouncing mushrooms, exploding flowers, and clouds with attitude, as well as the chance to race against Gourdon the Racing Choya in a new adventure”.

Guild Wars 2 WvW Mount, the Warclaw, Scratches Its Way into the Game

Part of today’s Guild Wars 2 update includes the WvW mount, the Warclaw. Players can start the unlock process for the Warclaw “by spending WvW Ability Points” in the newly added Mount Mastery. Once Mastery Track Rank One is complete, “the collection will unlock and you will be able to start working on earning your mount”. It comes with some nifty WvW-specific skills to including Evade, Battle Maul and Chain Pull.

Guild Wars 2 Game Director Reassures the Community About ANet’s Commitment

ArenaNet’s Mike Zadorojny has taken to the Guild Wars 2 forums to reassure the community about the company’s long term commitment to the game. Players have been concerned since ArenaNet underwent a restructuring initiative that led to the layoff of a significant number of employees. “The Guild Wars 2 team is still committed to bringing content and feature updates to the game.” MikeZ wrote. “Our long-term plans for the game…are still in the works.”