The Key of Ahdashim Raid to Launch into Guild Wars 2 on June 11th

Starting June 11th, Guild Wars 2 players will be able to check out the game’s seventh raid when The Key of Ahdashim launches. The newest raid picks up at the tail end of the Mythwright Gambit raid. This time, Qadim is after the mythical power of Ahdashim so he can become the most powerful djinn — but with dire consequences.

Attribute-Selectable Gear to be Updated in Guild Wars 2

The next update to Guild Wars 2 will feature some big changes to attribute-selectable gear. The goal is to “reduce the confusion about which attribute combinations are available on any given piece of gear”. Moving forward, most attribute-selectable gear will only feature attribute combinations available on a player’s account dependent on the expansions owned. Exceptions to this reset include Crafted Backpacks, Elite Specialization Armor/Rewards, & Attribute combos related to raids & fractals.

Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 4 Finale is Now Live

War Eternal has arrived in Guild Wars 2. It is the epic conclusion to Living World Season 4 and features a new map, the Mist Shard armor set and the legendary Exordium greatsword. Lastly, the Skyscale flying dragon mount is also part of the update. Storywise, players will be “taking on their greatest adventure to date as they chase down the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik”.

Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 4 War Eternal to Take Flight on May 14th

On May 14th, ArenaNet will be releasing the epic finale to Living World Season 4 with the release of War Eternal in Guild Wars 2. Devs are promising that War Eternal will “change Tyria forever”. Players will discover answers about the existence of Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik, the new legendary greatsword Exordium, the upgradeable Mist Shard armor set and the Skyscale flying mount.

Guild Wars 2 Players Can Take Part in a World Boss Beatdown Extravaganza

From May 6th to May 13th, Guild Wars 2 players can take part in a World Boss Beatdown event. Those taking part will be able to earn a Bonus Box of Goods for every one taken down. These can contain “especially shiny items like cosmetic infusions and invisible footwear”. The community will be informed “when one of the loathsome creatures is active near you” in order to get groups together to “swoop in and smack it down”.

ArenaNet to Enable a Weeklong Guild Wars 2 World vs World Bonus Event

From April 26th to May 3rd, Guild Wars 2 players will be able to enjoy a nice boosts to both reward-track progress, world experience and magic find in World vs World conflict battles. It is also interesting to note that “a freak fluctuation in the fabric of the Mists will completely disable the downed state for the duration of the event”.

Welcome Back to Guild Wars 2 Rolls Up with Week 5 & ‘All or Nothing’ for Free

Guild Wars 2 is rolling back into its fifth Welcome Back week, this time offering Living World Season 4: Episode 5 – All or Nothing. This episode brings players new story content and opportunities to explore Thunderhead Peaks, a dwarven fortress from the original Guild Wars. Players can claim the free episode if they own the Path of Fire expansion from April 23rd to April 29th.

Gird Your Loins: Guild Wars 2 Elite Specs to See Some Big Changes Next Week

Guild Wars 2 devs have posted a note to the community to prepare them for some big changes coming to Elite Specializations with next week’s update. “We’re targeting a few elite specialization to receive trade-offs, and we expect to continue doing this in future updates”. The example of what a devs consider a trade off is the Necromancer who, when choosing an elite spec, loses Death Shroud, but they gain additional abilities.

ArenaNet Teases Guild Wars 2: Living World Season 4 – War Eternal

During last weekend’s EGX Rezzed, ArenaNet put out a brief video to tease Living World Season 4 – War Eternal. This will be the sixth and final chapter of Living World Season 4. At one point in the very short teaser video, viewers can see at least two dragons soaring in the air. Devs didn’t mention any release date, but it’s a fun forward look at what’s to come in Guild Wars 2 in the near future.