Updated & Confirmed: ArenaNet Announces Layoffs, How Many As Yet Uknown

Kotaku has just published an article suggesting that ArenaNet is j”planning big layoffs” according to one person inside the company. The article further states that, while the number is not yet known, it will be a “significant number of people”. Lead Game Designer Jennifer Scheurle has confirmed the layoffs via Twitter. The employee meetings have been completed as of this writing, while those affected are processing the news.

Warclaw Mount Coming to Guild Wars 2 On February 26th – Only Available in WvW

ArenaNet has revealed a new mount coming to Guild Wars 2 on February 26th. The Warclaw, “a fearsome new cat mount created for combat and siege warfare” will only be available via World vs World, but it will be usable in the rest of the game world. “It comes with a variety of special abilities including Evade, Battle Maul and Chain Pull”, each of which has been added to “enhance WvW mechanics”.

Guild Wars 2 ‘All or Nothing’ Short Stories Premiers with Rytlock

The Guild Wars 2 site has been updated with the first in a trilogy of short stories featuring some of the well-known voices in the world and their feelings about the aftermath of “All or Nothing”. The first short story features Rytlock and was penned by Alex Kain from the ArenaNet Narrative team with illustrations provided by “creative partner” Jerome Jacinto.

Wintersday Returns to Guild Wars 2 Next Week

Today marks the start of the Twelve Days of Wintersday via Guild Wars 2 social channels and next week will mark the return of the in-game event starting December 11th. “Get ready to play in the snow, wrap up presents and jump all over giant peppermint candies” says the post on the official site.

ArenaNet Giving Away a Custom-Wrapped Volkswagen Beetle to Celebrate Guild Wars 2 Event

In celebration of Roller Beetle Racing, ArenaNet will be giving away a “custom-wrapped roller beetle ‘Type RBR’ car as a grand prize”. All that is required is for fans to opt-in to email communication and enter a single roller beetle match in Guild Wars 2 any time between now and December 24th. Each week, players taking part in Roller Beetle Racing will earn an additional entry for both the car and other prizes that are being given away that include Razer & Alienware items & a vacation.