Guild Wars 2 Players Invited to Select the Next PvP & WvW Weapon Set

The Guild Wars 2 site has been updated to give players a chance to help select the next weapon set coming to WvW and PvP. There are four different names to choose from: Mist Champion’s Weapon Set; Mist Lord’s Weapon Set; Gilded Weapon Set; and Elegant Weapon Set. Players can voice their opinion on the Guild Wars 2 forum.

Sing Along with the Guild Wars 2 Devs to Prep for the Dragon Bash Festival

With the start of the Guild Wars 2 Dragon Bash Festival, ArenaNet is inviting players to “sing along with the devs”. The festival theme song is called “Bash the Dragon” and members of the team have recorded the instrumental version and the site has the lyrics so that you too can prepare for the epicness that comes with the Dragon Bash Festival tomorrow!

The Key of Ahdashim Raid to Launch into Guild Wars 2 on June 11th

Starting June 11th, Guild Wars 2 players will be able to check out the game’s seventh raid when The Key of Ahdashim launches. The newest raid picks up at the tail end of the Mythwright Gambit raid. This time, Qadim is after the mythical power of Ahdashim so he can become the most powerful djinn — but with dire consequences.

Attribute-Selectable Gear to be Updated in Guild Wars 2

The next update to Guild Wars 2 will feature some big changes to attribute-selectable gear. The goal is to “reduce the confusion about which attribute combinations are available on any given piece of gear”. Moving forward, most attribute-selectable gear will only feature attribute combinations available on a player’s account dependent on the expansions owned. Exceptions to this reset include Crafted Backpacks, Elite Specialization Armor/Rewards, & Attribute combos related to raids & fractals.