Not So MMO: Darksburg Devs – ‘We’re Making a Game We Want to Play’

Darksburg is an upcoming co-op survival action title from Shiro Games, developers of the highly regarded Northgard strategy game. Taking a break from strategy, Darksburg pits teams of four against hordes of “infected” that threaten to overwhelm the town. We had the chance to speak with Lead Designer Fred Oughdentz to learn more about the game.

Warhammer Vermintide 2 Interview: An Expansion & the Future

Vermintide has had a huge successful run among game fans. Both Warhammer and Left for Dead players love this title with its fast-paced action and brutal fight scenes. It harkens to the Warhammer of the Old World that many of us loved. New players continue to join the battle all the time and the team was happy to launch Winds of Magic. We spoke with Mats Andersson about the expansion and some of the plans for Vermintide in the future.

A Plague Tale Interview – What Makes It Unique?

A Plague Tale: Innocence is an action-adventure title that launched last week for PC, PS4 & Xbox One and immediately won over fans and critics alike. The game features a heartwrenching journey of two young children in the world ripped apart by war and suffering from plague. Just before the release of the game we had an opportunity to interview Kevin Choteau, the Game Director on A Plague Tale: Innocence, and ask a couple of questions.

A Whole New World with Project-C from Darewise

Today, the team at Darewise Entertainment pulled the curtain back on their upcoming online persistent open world – Project C. That’s it’s working title, because at its core, the game set on the world of Corvus is going to be player-driven throughout all of the testing process. Described as a blend of everything from Zelda: Breath of the Wild to World of Warcraft, Project C’s ambitions are through the roof. The team, comprised of folks from games like Assassin’s Creed, Half-Life 2 and Dishonored,

CryoFall Interview – Surviving a Post-Apocalyptic Future

CryoFall brings together the fun elements of surviving in the post-apocalyptic future with some great mechanics and depth of character. We got the chance to talk with Valentin Gukov about the game and get a perspective on how building a world like this will set CryoFall apart. Enjoy reading up on his answers and look for the game soon on Steam.

Eco: Getting Educated

Red Thomas interviews John Krajewski from Strange Loop Games, the studio behind Eco. They talk about how the game came about, early funding, and some of the ideas the team has for future growth.

Esports & Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering is one of the oldest, most venerated properties in the world and it’s priming itself for robust esports action. Garrett Fuller sat down with Wizards of the Coast Director of Esports Bear Schmiedicker to learn how that will look in 2019.

The Almost MMO and Me

I’ve noticed something of late – I haven’t logged into a real MMORPG, even my precious Elder Scrolls Online, in weeks. In ESO’s case, this is partly because I’m waiting for Elsweyr. But usually, between big content swells of ESO, I’m at least playing something else – GW2, WoW, FFXIV, Neverwinter, and so forth. But there’s a type of game that seems to be meeting my needs for persistence and online play. I’ve been trying to think of a name for them for ages, and I think Almost MMO just about cover

r/SF Radio podcast: Joe Munday talks with Sherry Jenix about the difficulty competitors face obtaining travel visas

Stay on top of the Street Fighter world with the r/SF Radio podcast!

ESE|Sherry Jenix is working hard to help international fighting game competitors confront a challenge that starts before they even pick up a controller. Getting travel visas to actually be able to attend tournaments can prove very difficult — so much that it can outright prevent a player from making it to some big competitive opportunities (such as Capcom Cup, for example). Enter the EFight Pass project:

Sherry Jenix joins r/StreetFighter’s Joe Munday on this week’s r/SF Radio podcast, where they talk about the details of what it takes to get a U.S. visa for fighting game players, and why it can be so challenging — and how EFight Pass is working to help.

You can listen to r/SF Radio on any of the following streaming platforms, or watch it out on YouTube. (The podcast includes some NSFW language!) For more info, head over to the r/StreetFighter subreddit.

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Source: r/StreetFighter

The RPG Files: What Is Epic Seven?

Epic Seven is a mobile turn-based RPG from Smilegate. It challenges players to unique visuals and strategies to challenge all players at all times. We had the chance to speak with Content Director Yuna Kim to learn more about Epic Seven.