Lord of the Rings Team Releases Vales of Anduin Soundtrack

Lord of the Rings Online has so many things going for it: An epic, beloved storyline, interesting quests and activities and, yes, its soundtrack. To celebrate Update 24: Vales of Anduin, the LOTRO team has released Bill Champagne’s soundtrack on YouTube in a complete playlist.

Lord of the Rings Online to Kick Off 12th Anniversary Fete Today

When Lord of the Rings Online servers come back up later this morning, players will find that the game’s 12th anniversary fete will have kicked off. Players can look forward to receiving anniversary themed gifts, they may not arrive until April 24th. In the meantime, however, players can keep busy by taking part in scavenger hunts that are part of the anniversary festival.

The Lord of the Rings Online Map as You’ve Never Seen It Before

The Lord of the Rings Online forum has a cool new project update from a fan / player named Daniel Moravek. He has created a view of Middle-earth as it exists in the game as if taken from space. “Map tiles were captured for each region with TerrainMap and further edited into one large image”. It showcases all locations that are present through Update 22 without any resizing or rotation applied.

Lord of the Rings Online Producer Lays Out What’s Coming in 2019

The newest Lord of the Rings Online Producer’s Letter is posted to the official site that provides the community with a forward look at what they can expect throughout 2019. Most notably, the game is moving to its next expansion. The story will wend its way to the Vale of Anduin to explore its lore and secrets before heading “back towards Mordor to Minas Morgul” where players will face off against Shelob to discover “how she is influencing the future of Middle-earth”.

Mines of Moria to Open on the Lord of the Rings Online Legendary Server in March

When March rolls around, one of Lord of the Rings Online’s most iconic expansions will open. Mines of Moria will see players head underground and into Khazad-Dum to attempt to “reclaim its depths from Mazog, Son of Bolg and his hordes”. Players will find a new level cap of 60, 12 new areas to dive into along with over 400 new quests, 13 skirmishes and the ability to “design and create your own Legendary items”.

The Anvil of Winterstith Raid to Open This Week in Lord of the Rings Online

The Lord of the Rings Online site has been updated with the latest patch notes. Update 23.2 will be deployed tomorrow, January 9th, and will bring a new raid into the game called The Anvil of Winterstith. The raid will not, however, open until January 10th. During the encounter, players will be able to take part in Tier 1 and Tier 2 and working to keep the Weeping Warrior “from adding the massive Frost-horde to his host”.