Due to Heavy Demand, a Second Lord of the Rings Online Legendary Server Opens

A lot of players are pretty jazzed about the Lord of the Rings Online Legendary server program that allows them to participate in the game “the way it was”, though with a few modern enhancements and additional races / classes to spice things up. Demand is so high, in fact, that a second Legendary server is now open with free character transfers for those willing to shift to “Ithil”.

Lord of the Rings Online’s Legendary Sever Lets You Travel the Storied Paths of Middle-earth

When the Lord of the Rings Online Legendary server “Anor” launches tomorrow, players will be transported back in time to relive the storied roads of Middle-earth as imagined in the beloved MMO. Standing Stone considers it more than “just vanilla”, however, as new classes and races that were not present from the start will be playable and a number of technical improvements made since the initial launch will remain in place for a smoother, more bug free experience.

Latest Lord of the Rings Online Patch Brings Harvestmath Festival Online

Lord of the Rings Online servers will be patched today to bring Update 23.1 on board that includes the Harvestmath Festival, as well as a number of bug fixes, class updates and more. In addition, the Grey Mountains instances are back in service with drop rates “increased significantly for both favored and standard chest openings on tier 2 difficulties”.

Standing Stone Disables Grey Mountains Instances Pending Bug Fix

A brief note has appeared on the Lord of the Rings Online forum to let players know that the Grey Mountains instances have been disabled “in order to address a bug with them”. At this point there is no firm indication when they might reopen. The post simply indicates that they are expected to be reopened “in an upcoming patch”.

Lord of the Rings Online Update 23: Where Dragons Dwell Sends Players to the Grey Mountains

On Tuesday, October 9th, Lord of the Rings Online servers will be brought down to prepare for Update 23: Where Dragons Dwell. The new content will feature a trip to the lost dwarf kingdoms of the Grey Mountains, that include “the Longbeard descendants of Durin the Deathless”. New content includes tons of new quests and deeds, three resource instances, and a new Instance cluster. A raid will be coming along in the near future as well.

Participate in the 7th Annual Harnkegger Games Thanks to the Lord of the Rings Online Community

For the seventh year in a row, the Harnkegger Games will be held in Lord of the Rings Online. The Games are an LOTRO version of the real world Olympics and feature fifteen events that are sure to appeal to competitors and viewers alike. Event winners will be treated to prizes including LOTRO Points and in-game gold. The event will run from Monday, September 24th through Sunday, September 30th on the Laurelin server.