Heroes of the Storm Seems to be Teasing the Long-Rumored Arrival of Anduin Wrynn

The Heroes of the Storm Twitter seems to be teasing the next hero with a new image posted yesterday. One of the most widely rumored heroes players have been expecting is Anduin Wrynn from World of Warcraft. The image seems to show Shalamayne, once the sword of Anduin’s father, Varian. After Varian’s death in WoW, the sword passed to Anduin. During a cinematic video for Battle for Azeroth, the light at the center of the sword changed from red to a golden one.

Star Citizen’s Chris Roberts Opines on ‘Saving Anthem’

In a new interview with Newsweek, Star Citizen’s Chris Roberts segued into a discussion of Anthem and what steps he would take to fix the game. Roberts believes, according to the interview, that gamers often have unreasonable expectations compounded by their hatred of EA. “A lot of gamers don’t understand quite how difficult it is to deliver everything working flawlessly,” Roberts stated. “The expectations keep ramping up and may be higher than people are humanly possible of delivering.”

Ship of Heroes Will Sport ‘the Best UI in the Galaxy’

According to the Ship of Heroes team, when the game launches, it will come with “the best UI in the galaxy”. To showcase progress towards that lofty goal, a new blog has been posted to show the how players can customize every element of the UI in one of two ways: Through a slider for global resizing or each element can be resized and moved on its own.

The Hoppening Sets Sail in Atlas as the Empire Server Shuts Down

The latest Atlas patch notes have been published to bring a new in-game event to players as well as to inform the community that the Empire Server has been shut down and replaced with a North American PvE network. The PvE network will utilize the Colonies system, but devs have committed to supporting both “open-ended PvP and more controlled, rule-based PvP”.

Heroes of the Storm Player Arrested for Making Terrorist Threats In-Game

A Heroes of the Storm player named Michael Mickowski, 26, has been arrested in Las Vegas, Nevada on charges of terrorism and is currently being held on a $150,000 bail in place. Mickowski was arrested after Blizzard Entertainment reported comments he made while playing HotS where he threatened a mass shooting at a school when he “had enough money to buy a gun and some ammunition”. At first, Mickowski threatened a high school, but changed to threatening an elementary school.

Gird Your Loins: Guild Wars 2 Elite Specs to See Some Big Changes Next Week

Guild Wars 2 devs have posted a note to the community to prepare them for some big changes coming to Elite Specializations with next week’s update. “We’re targeting a few elite specialization to receive trade-offs, and we expect to continue doing this in future updates”. The example of what a devs consider a trade off is the Necromancer who, when choosing an elite spec, loses Death Shroud, but they gain additional abilities.

Bethesda Teasing Next Month’s Fallout 76 Changes & Additions Coming in May

The Bethesda Blog has been updated with some new information about new features and changes coming to Fallout 76 in May. Players can look forward to new weekly challenges and rewards in Survival Mode, including six legendary weapons. The team is also looking for feedback about recent tweaks to the Survival Mode Scoreboard and what the “community feels are the most impactful” stats that should be reflected.