A Sneak Peek At Steel Circus

Steel Circus is shaping up to be a really fun sci-fi sports game. The gameplay was clean, straightforward, tense, and frankly, I did not want the demo to end. Moreover, the graphics are slick and the mechanics work. I can’t say how Steel Circus will fare once it’s released into onto the crowded MOBA market. I can say that if it’s as fun at release as it is now, it will be worth playing.

The RPG Files – Iratus: Lord of the Dead Preview

Unfrozen’s Iratus: Lord of the Dead is a bold, hard core, rogue-like dungeon delving game where you play the bad guy. The titular necromancer Iratus seeks to dominate the surface world with his ever-growing army of the dead, but he must escape from the dungeon in which he was interred. As his ranks swell, so too do the persistence and lethality of the living who oppose him. The game marches forward in its development much like Iratus’s dread legion, but in what state does the game find itself

Not So MMO: Killsquad Hands-On Preview

Novarama’s Killsquad hits Steam Early Access today. The game is described by developers as a co-op action RPG, but also has hints of an adrenaline-filled MOBA — a sort of hybrid of the two in its way. Regardless, my time spent in Killsquad was fun, fast and furious.

A Fun Beta Test! Give ‘Second Galaxy’ a Look (SPONSORED)

ZLONGAME released its first beta test for “Second Galaxy,” a new open world space mobile game. As a game with science fiction at the forefront, this game combines classic sci-fi game design with the characteristics of other mobile games in order to allow more players to quickly understand the mechanics for an enhanced overall game experience.

Razer RESPAWN Performance Drink Mix

With Project Venom, Razer posited the idea of a branded energy drink. Sure, it was over-the-top silly but there was also a grain of truth to it. A mystery box arrived at my door earlier this month and inside was a plentiful selection of Razer RESPAWN Performance Drink Mix, a drink designed to raise mental acuity and focus over long gaming sessions without the drawbacks of normal energy drinks. Does it work? Let’s find out.

Lornsword Winter Chronicle Hands-On Preview

Lornsword Winter Chronicle is an RTS/ARPG hybrid from Tower Five that has only recently launched into Steam early access. I had an opportunity to check out a bit of the game. What I found is a mixed bag of impressions of a game that tries quite hard to blend two genres together, though struggles to do so. That said, however, all is not lost. There is a seed of something special inside Lornsword that, with a bit of time and work during early access, can turn it into a unique entry into the games

Rocket Arena Preview – Welcome to Crater

What would you say to a frantic, high-intensity arena battle, but with rockets? If your answer is an emphatic “yes”, then you may be biasedly drawn to Rocket Arena, a new co-op arena battler by Nexon. With arena shooters hitting the scene at roughly a dime a dozen, does Nexon have the right formula to rocket their shooter to the forefront of your playlist, or is this just another shooter, not ready for liftoff?

Not So MMO: The Cycle is Mixing up the Battle Royale Genre

If you haven’t heard of The Cycle before you’re not alone: neither had I, until late last night anyway. Marketed as a PvEvP Competitive Quest Shooter, The Cycle is most definitely a Battle Royale type game at heart. Where it differs is that the game focuses you on “Quests” throughout the gameplay instead of simply killing your opponents.