The RPG Files: You Should Check Out Ashen

This Thursday’s Game Awards had more than a few surprises, one of which was that Epic’s developer-friendly game store opened up and had a few great games already available. Impulse game buy that I am, I snapped up both Supergiant’s Hades (because duh) and A44’s stylish but mysterious RPG, Ashen. Let me tell you, I’m glad I did.

The Outer Worlds Preview – A New IP for the Premier RPG Company

At a time in gaming where several say a game has to have multiplayer to succeed, Obsidian steps in to show off their latest foray into the single player RPG experience with their newest game The Outer Worlds with the help of Private Division. A new title that is part of a new IP for them aims to prove that they are still one of the best companies around in this aspect of gaming. I had an opportunity to visit Obsidian’s headquarters recently and get a look at the game and what it’s all about.

Notmycar is a Battle Royale for Auto Assault Fans

While it began quietly doing some testing earlier this year, it seems the folks at Skybound and NMC Studios are ready to tear the roof off their own particular take on the Battle Royale genre. Notmycar is going to be a perfect hybrid of Battle Royale and car combat games like the ill-fated Auto Assault, with a Closed Beta “Test Drive” kicking off this weekend on December 8th.

Marvel Strike Force – Here Come The Brotherhood of Mutants!

X-Men (and X-Force) are the teams I want to assemble most in Marvel Strike Force, but the Brotherhood of Mutants is a close third and is getting a full rollout this month. FoxNext has released some information on how we’ll be unlocking the new team and we’ve been poring over what leaks we’ve been able to find on their kits, but the characters are finally here and it’s time to dig into them!

World War 3 ? First Impressions

You hear the roar of the engine, the rumble of the tracks as you drive down the road, and the power of the shell leaving your tank. An explosions hits close to you and derails your track forcing you into the streets with your assault rifle at the ready. You run for cover as a grenade sails past your head. This war zone is ridiculous, and this is our first impressions of World War 3.

EVE Vegas 2018 – Project Nova Impressions

After years of anticipation, Project Nova was unveiled to the world at Eve Vegas 2018, showing off the current development of the spiritual successor to Dust 514. The team at CCP Games and Sumo Digital were finally ready to let players and press go hands-on with the latest iteration of the shooter this weekend at the largest gathering of EVE players in North America and it didn’t disappoint.

Bowman?s Battle Royale Corner Featuring Ring of Elysium

It is a full on warzone out there now! You head down the mountain as quick as you can and stop at a house that sits at its base. When you walk inside there are guns laying all over the place. You pick one up and prepare to defend yourself as you hear a radio message that a storm is coming, and the local rescue chopper is coming to get people out quickly. These are our first impressions for Ring of Elysium.

Shadow: Cloud Gaming Has Arrived

Times have changed, and there’s now a new kid on the block. Shadow, a reasonably new service by French company Blade, promises to have cracked the cloud gaming problem. We were pretty impressed with a demo at at Gamescom last month, and so we agreed to put the service to the test. Would this new tech deliver remote-play MMO gaming?

PAX 2018: Encased Preview

Narrative RPGs have been making an amazing comeback in gaming. Now, the game Encased will be joining the ranks and bringing with it an in depth story and combat which heralds to some of our favorite problem solving games of the past. Bringing these types of games back allowed the developers at Dark Crystal Games to innovate on great ideas as well as bring in their own take on the future and the early demos of Encased show off some of these dynamics.