Richard Garriott’s Official Shroud of the Avatar Description Eliminates ‘CEO’ Title

Richard Garriott’s official profile on the Shroud of the Avatar site now omits the title CEO, something that has been part of the description since the game’s pages were first published. SEC filings name Garriott as CEO, though Delaware, where the original corporation paperwork was filed, does require an executive officer, not specifically a “CEO”. At the moment, Garriott’s profile only lists him as Creative Director and Founder.

Shroud of the Avatar – Player Made Dungeons to Debut in Q4 2018

The latest Shroud of the Avatar newsletter is live on the game’s official site. This time, the letter is anchored by the news that Player Made Dungeons will be arriving in-game as early as Q4 2018. The team is targeting that span of time and, until then, several placeholder, or “example”, dungeons are in the game. When Player Made Dungeons go live later this year, these example dungeons will leave the game.

Shroud of the Avatar – As Development of Episode 2 Begins, ‘Rightsizing’ Team Leads to Layoffs

Portalarium and Travian Games have sent word that development of the “next round of episodic content” has started. Episode 2 will feature expanded stories, new lands and feature sets. While development on Episode 2 is underway, a crew will be working on polishing current content. The PR also reveals that “staff rightsizing” is underway which will lead to some developers being laid off. No further explanation was given about how many employees have been let go.

Shroud of the Avatar – Release 54 Features More Interation on the Team’s Top 10 Priorities

The Shroud of the Avatar team has been working hard on Release 54 and just today sent out the instructions along with a list of things players can expect to find after its deployment. The new update will be focused heavily on the team’s Top 10 Priorities including improvements to performance, the addition of new and polished scenes, better story polish and side quests, improvements to the offline companion system, new recipes in crafting and the addition of skeleton plunderers.