Travel Through the Wormhole in Skyforge’s Latest PC Update, New Horizons

With the arrival of the New Horizons update to Skyforge on PC, players will be traveling to a brand new planet to experience the game’s largest map to date. The fate of Terra rests in the hands of players as they take on a new race of enemies and explore the planet to learn more of its secrets. Players are charged with eliminating threats and collecting information during their travels. New Horizons will be out for PlayStation 4 and XBox One on April 11th.

Skyforge to Expand with ‘New Horizons’ on April 9th

Skyforge players will have new content to explore when the New Horizon expansion launches on April 9th. A mysterious new race has been discovered that will send players off on a journey of discovery to a new planet. The events in New Horizons take off from the Distant Frequencies expansion as players head out on a reconnaissance mission to find the planet Terra.

Skyforge is Puttin’ on the Green for St. Patrick’s Day

The Skyforge site has been updated with the latest in-game activity for players. Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, players can take part in the King’s Ransom activity, the “go-to place to test your luck”. Players will earn an event-specific currency that can be traded for boxes that can contain some nifty prizes. The event runs through March 19th.

Skyforge Welcomes the Evil Pumpkin Festival 2018

Skyforge players can head into the game for thrills and chills thanks to the arrival of the annual Evil Pumpkin Festival. During the 2-week event, players will meet Candy Bandits during their adventures and even hunt them for goodies. Candy Bandits can drop special caches that can contain a number of costumes.

Skyforge’s Roadmap for Q4 Includes Interstellar Travel & New Enemies

The Skyforge team has posted its Q4 roadmap that provides players with a peek at what’s in the pipeline for the balance of 2018. Let’s just say that’s it’s definitely “out of this world”! A two-part update will be deployed to the game that will allow players to participate in interstellar travel “by means of space time wormholes”. Along the way, a new planet that is environmentally favorable to player races will be discovered, but with plenty to keep them occupied.

Standalone Battle Royale Mode Arrives in Skyforge

Skyforge has been updated to bring the standalone Battle Royale mode into the game. Battle Royale is a separate game mode and players are not required to have characters in the main Skyforge game. Simply launch Skyforge and choose Battle Royale to be sent to the new game mode and to choose a premade character to duke it out with other former gods to become the last one standing. Details Skyforge’s Upcoming Battle Royale Gameplay

The Skyforge site has been updated with a lengthy article to reveal how battle royale will play out in the new game mode coming soon. As expected, the ultimate goal of the Skyforge Battle Royale mode is to be the last player standing, but there are a number of ways any player can increase their chances of being “the one”.