Explosive Article Digs Deep Into Star Citizen Fundraising & Development

Forbes has published an explosive new investigatory piece about Chris Roberts, Star Citizen, and about questions that continue to fly about where the $300M raised has gone over the course of the game’s development. The article delves into Roberts’ past as a game developer and explores the fanbase that supports him in his work with Star Citizen. “This is not fraud — Roberts really is working on a game — but it is incompetence and mismanagement on a galactic scale,” the piece declares.

Take Part in the Star Citizen: Free Fly Event From May 1-8

From May 1st through May 8th, players are invited to the latest Free Fly event. Anyone can try out Star Citizen for free throughout the week and can explore Alpha 3.5 that includes the new ArcCorp planet, the new female characters and the new character customization tool. Lastly, players can experience the “new flight model that adds gravity to planets to achieve deeper and more realistic atmospheric flight”.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.5 Launches with a New Planet & Female Playable Characters

Star Citizen has announced that it has launched Alpha 3.5 that comes complete with a brand new planet, ArcCorp, to explore. This planet is a bustling hub that is nearly completely covered by man-made structures. “Travel the bustling plazas and neon-hued alleys of Area18, uncover local urban culture, meet colorful locals, and find new ways to make a credit or two.”

Cloud Imperium Raises an Additional $46M for Star Citizen & Squadron 42

Cloud Imperium, the studio behind Star Citizen and Squadron 42, has obtained another $46M in funding from the Cloud Imperium Group private investment organization. According to Gamasutra, the funds will be used for promotion and development of Squadron 42, though some may be “funneled into Star Citizen and various business development initiatives”.

Star Citizen Fly Free Event to Run from November 23rd Through November 30th

If you’ve been wondering about Star Citizen but aren’t a backer, you’ll be able to try out the game for free from November 23rd through November 30th. This week coincides with the launch of the game’s first planet calle Hurston with its main enclave, Lorville. This Fly Free week is bigger and better than ever with all ships “flyable” during the event. Each ship will have a 24-hour free fly period on a rotating basis.

Star Citizen’s CitizenCon Starts Today with Alpha 3.3 to Launch During the Event

Star Citizen backers will finally be able to get their hands on Alpha 3.3 now that the game’s annual CitizenCon event has started. 3.3 brings a number of new features to Star Citizen including facial recognition so that a player’s avatar mimics facial expressions and lips; the addition of AI enemies throughout the “ever-expanding Stanton System” and in missions; Object Container Streaming to increase framerates; and, lastly “numerous new ships and weapons”.

RSI Ditches Star Citizen’s ‘CitizenCon’ Keynote Address Fee

Over the past week, fans of Star Citizen have been in a kerfuffle with Roberts Space Industries over the $20 fee required to view the CitizenCon keynote address. As a result, RSI has opted to remove the fee to make the speech / presentation viewable for free. According to the post, the fee was introduced to offset the larger-than-expected CitizenCon.