Star Trek Online Arena of Sompek Starts August 8th

As Star Trek Online has evolved since Discovery missions were added to it, however those changes haven’t been without some cost. The Arena of Sompek was removed from the game as a long running event. However, starting on August 8th, the Arena is coming back and you could just win yourself a new ship.

Star Trek Online: Rise of Discovery Arrives for PlayStation 4 & Xbox One

Star Trek Online console captains can now fly into the game to check out the Rise of Discovery content expansion. Players will find both Captain Lorca and Commander Landry from the CBS series, Star Trek Discovery. Players will venture out with the pair aboard the USS Buran as they “play through two incredibly moving featured episodes to uncover what happened to these characters before they beamed aboard the USS Discovery in the show’s first season”.

Star Trek Online PC Captains Soar Into Rise of Discovery Today

Starting today, Star Trek Online PC captains will be taking off for Rise of Discovery along with Jason Isaacs and Rekha Sharma. Today’s new content is the continuation of the crossover with CBS Television’s Star Trek: Discovery. This time, players will head back in time to the USS Buran where they will find Captain Gabriel Lorca and Commander Ellen Landry.

Star Trek Online: Rise of Discovery Sees Captain Lorca & Commander Landry Take the Helm

When Star Trek Online: Rise of Discovery launches later this year, it will feature both Captain Gabriel Lorca and Commander Ellen Landry, voiced by Jason Isaacs and Rekha Sharma. As players work through Rise of Discovery, they will fight beside the USS Buran and learn the history of each in their time before joining the crew of the Discovery. Rise of Discovery will launch on May 14th.