TERA PC Players Can Take Part in BAF Fishing & Wintera Event

TERA players have a lot to do now that fishing has made a splash into the game. It’s time to throw out the bait and set hooks for big ass fish. In addition to that slimy pursuit, players can also take part in the Wintera seasonal event that has new activities “to help players keep warm during this chilly time of year”.

TERA’s Valkyrie Heading to Consoles Beginning January 8th

TERA on PlayStation 4 and XBox One will be getting a big update on January 8th that includes the much-anticipated Valkyrie class. She is a “hard-hitting, quick moving, big damage heroine” that takes the fight to the front lines wielding a deadly runeglaive. Once Valkyrie arrives in the game, players will be able to take part in a special level up event that comes with in-game items to help in the process at benchmark levels.

Reel in Some Big Ass Fish With the December 11th TERA Update

When TERA is updated on December 11th with the “BAF Masters” update, players will be able to say they’re “goin’ fishin'”. Everyone will have the opportunity to reel in some “big ass fish”. The BAFs can be sold for gold or traded to vendors for a variety of materials that can be used to enhance gear.

TERA’s Fiery Featherweights Update Brings Elin Brawlers Into the Game

The Fiery Featherweights update has been deployed to TERA for PC. Most notably, players will be able to to take on the game as an Elin Brawler for the first time. Everyone will also be able to check out the new Enhancement Point system for those looking for additional max-level progression. Lastly, the Bahaar’s Sanctum five-player dungeon is live.

Deathwrack Update Launches for TERA Console Players

TERA console players can now head into the game to check out the Deathwrack update that has gone live for both PlayStation 4 and XBox One. The update features new dungeons, collectable Misery and Deathwrack gear sets, new GvG PvP battles, customizable skill chains and Warrior class updates.

The Dark Reaches Brings New Dungeons & Apex Skills Arrive in TERA PC

TERA players can head into the game to check out the latest update called The Dark Reaches. Most notably, the update brings new APEX skills to several of the game’s classes including ARcher, Gunner, Ninja, Reaper, Sorcerer and Valkyrie. In addition, two new level 65 dungeons have been added alongside an updated UI and the Compliment System.

Everyone’s Invited to TERA’s Halloween Fete

From now through the end of the month, TERA players can take part in a number of spooky events to celebrate Halloween. Console players will find the Festival Hall dungeon and several different costume packages. Meanwhile PC players need to use Halloween Cannons to “repel waves of monsters intent on stealing every last bit of candy”. Successful efforts will net players some of that candy to trade for mounts, pets, costumes, masks and much more.