Everyone’s Invited to TERA’s Halloween Fete

From now through the end of the month, TERA players can take part in a number of spooky events to celebrate Halloween. Console players will find the Festival Hall dungeon and several different costume packages. Meanwhile PC players need to use Halloween Cannons to “repel waves of monsters intent on stealing every last bit of candy”. Successful efforts will net players some of that candy to trade for mounts, pets, costumes, masks and much more.

TERA Players to Have Weeks to Prepare for the 2nd Half of Apex Updates

On October 16th, TERA players will finally get their hands on the second half of the Apex skills for the remaining classes. To prepare for the Dark Reaches update, players will have “weeks of events to prepare”. During Stage 1, players will find leveling rewards with benchmark progression rewards being handed out that eventually will lead to a full set of Twistshard gear at level 65. Two more events are on the docket as well, though the details remain unknown.

TERA’s Ninja Class to Arrive on Consoles Tomorrow Along with a Leveling Event

Starting tomorrow, PlayStation 4 and XBox One players can take on the game using the new Ninja class. All console players will be gifted an additional character slot as long as they log in before October 8th. In addition, a new leveling event will kick off tomorrow and last through October 8th as well. As the character levels, Ninja Boxes will be awarded starting at level 10 and every 10 levels after.

When Happily Evil After Launches in TERA, Players Can Take Home a Pint-Sized Dakuryon

When Happily Evil After lands in TERA on September 13th, players will be ready to “return to the Shadow Sanguinary” to face off against Pahoegar and Dakuryon. If that’s not enough Dakuryon, fear not! A new pet will be available “in the dark lord’s image” that can auto-loot or auto-gather as well as the ability to use Prime Recovery Potables if his owner’s HP drops below 50%.

TERA – Guardians of the Sky Takes Flight on August 14th

The next big update to TERA is coming on August 14th. Called “Guardians of the Sky”, the event brings new Guardian Missions that “enter a whole new dimension” during flight missions. Players will find Rhapsody of Wind & Fire and Search & Destroy missions and will need to check the map frequently to track Guardian Legion missions to swoop in and take part.