TERA x PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Collaboration to Kick Off on March 5th

If you’ve been dying to see a TERA x PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds crossover event, have we got great news for you! Your dream will come true on March 5th when a special event kicks off that will reward players with PUBG-themed cosmetics, consumables, daily login rewards, a dungeon event and PUBG-themed store bundles. Players will even find PUBG-styled BAMs to take on throughout the game world. The in-game collaboration will launch simultaneously for PC, PS4 and XB1.

Take a Step Back in Time on the TERA Europe Classic Server

On February 12th, TERA EU will be launching a Classic Server in celebration of the game’s sixth anniversary. Players will be able to (re)explore “long-closed instances” like the Crucible of Flame, the Temple of Temerity and the Sirjuka Gallery. End game dungeons will reopen such as Rift’s Edge, Balder’s Temple and Fane of Kaprima. The server will also include 120 player invasions “in the revived Nexus events” and 20-player Traverse Sovereign raids as well.

En Masse Publishes TERA Console Roadmap – See What’s in Store

TERA’s PlayStation 4 and XBox One players have the opportunity to peer into the future thanks to the addition of a new 4-month roadmap to provide a peek at what’s in store between now and April. Players can look forward to a new 40-player raid, the Manglemire dungeon, the Elin Gunner and a major update that includes tons of new content.

Shore Hold to Bring TERA’S PvP Players a New Battleground & More

When the Shore Hold update goes live for TERA PC on January 15th, players will have a ton of new content to explore and experience. Most notably, PvP players will find the new Shore Hold battleground that is designed for two teams of 7. In addition, new PvP gear will be added that comes with some pretty sweet weapon bonuses. Last, but not least, PvE players will find the new Training Ground solo instance where players can test out new skills or builds to become the dynamo they are meant to be!

TERA Devs Give Players a Peek Into the Future with Q1 2019 Roadmap

En Masse Entertainment has published a peek at what TERA players can expect after the year turns. Starting in January, there are big things in store for PvP and Battlegrounds with “a big focus on class, skill and PvP balancing”. While February will be quiet, March will see a level cap increase, new quests and a new open world boss system.

TERA PC Players Can Take Part in BAF Fishing & Wintera Event

TERA players have a lot to do now that fishing has made a splash into the game. It’s time to throw out the bait and set hooks for big ass fish. In addition to that slimy pursuit, players can also take part in the Wintera seasonal event that has new activities “to help players keep warm during this chilly time of year”.

TERA’s Valkyrie Heading to Consoles Beginning January 8th

TERA on PlayStation 4 and XBox One will be getting a big update on January 8th that includes the much-anticipated Valkyrie class. She is a “hard-hitting, quick moving, big damage heroine” that takes the fight to the front lines wielding a deadly runeglaive. Once Valkyrie arrives in the game, players will be able to take part in a special level up event that comes with in-game items to help in the process at benchmark levels.

Reel in Some Big Ass Fish With the December 11th TERA Update

When TERA is updated on December 11th with the “BAF Masters” update, players will be able to say they’re “goin’ fishin'”. Everyone will have the opportunity to reel in some “big ass fish”. The BAFs can be sold for gold or traded to vendors for a variety of materials that can be used to enhance gear.