Call to Arms Content Update Coming to TERA for PC on June 11th

On June 11th, En Masse Entertainment will be releasing its next TERA content update for PC on June 11th. “Call to Arms” brings the popori brawler into the game alongside a month-long leveling event to help new brawlers get underway. Those who hit level 65 by July 9th will earn the Kitten Hittin’ Mittens weapon skins.

TERA’s Latest Twitch Prime Goody Bag Drops

The third TERA goody bag has dropped for Twitch Prime users. This is the third package of in-game items in the promotion. It will be available from now through June 25th and is packed with Dragon Wings a mini-dragon pet, a week’s worth of elite status and ten strongbox keys.

TERA is Headed to the En Masse Launcher Starting Today

For a number of technical reasons, TERA will be moving to the En Masse Launcher starting today. The goal is to provide an improved experience to the entire En Masse player community as well as to the specific TERA community. “The En Masse Launcher, and other upcoming changes, are part of a company-wide effort aimed at changing the philosophy” that benefits individual games, but provided “less value” to the player community as a whole.

TERA Kicks Off Its Seventh Anniversary with a Month’s Worth of Fun

It’s the seventh anniversary of TERA and En Masse is kicking off a month’s worth of fun starting today. Players who complete daily anniversary Vanguard Requests will receive a number of goodies including Celebration Tokens, Strongbox Keys, Haste Coins and many others. There are activities to participate in for all players up to and including max level players. These reward players with Celebration Tokens that can be traded for a number of goodies.

TERA Console Players Suckerpunched by the Elin Brawler in Today’s Update

TERA console players are getting a surprise update today with the arrival of the Suckerpunch patch. The Elin Brawler, a cute but deadly frontline fighter who brings a world of hurt to her opponents, anchors today’s patch. In addition, the next Twitch Prime package allows players to claim the Ultra-Violent cosmetic armor “that both Bleeds Purple of Twitch Fandom and strikes fear into all the BAMs you’ll face in TERA”.

TERA’s Skywatch: New Heights Update Shakes Up the Game in Big Ways

With the arrival of today’s TERA update, Skywatch: New Heights, players will be able to experience a ton of new content as well as rise to a new level cap of 70. Players will find a number of heavily reworked systems in the game that change how players access dungeons. Additionally, the new Skill Advancement and Gear Fusion features have been added to provide players with more customization options than ever before.

TERA Reloaded Launches for PlayStation 4 & XBox One

En Masse Entertainment has announced that console players on XBox One and PlayStation 4 can now enter the game to check out TERA Reloaded. “TERA: Reloaded is one of the biggest updates yet with reworked systems, a new race/class combination and much more,” reads the press announcement. Anchoring today’s update is the Elin Gunner who ready to bring high-octane firepower to any party.