The Division – Earn The Division 2 Rewards from Now Through July 25th

If you’d like to earn some rewards for The Division 2, then crack out your copy of the original. From now through July 25th, The Division is featuring an opportunity for players to unlock items in the forthcoming game by participating in Shield commendations in the new Sacred sector. Shields are earned by completing “very specific challenges throughout the game”.

The Division – Rumors Say Massive is Working on a Battle Royale Game for Ubisoft

According to, inside sources are reporting that Massive, the company behind The Division and the upcoming Avatar game, is quietly investigating the possibility of creating a battle royale game for Ubisoft. From what the source said, Ubi asked Massive to begin thinking about a battle royale game in January. After a period of time considering the idea, the company indicated that it “could cook up something fun in pretty short amount of time” that could be based on The Division.

The Division – Two Years, 20 Million Players, Big Celebration Events Throughout March

The Division is celebrating its second anniversary with a cool infographic that shows off some pretty cool numbers including 20 million Agents taking part as well as 550 million rogue agents brought to justice, 66 billion NPCs killed and the fact that 161,000 Agents die every hour in the Dark Zone. To celebrate the game’s second birthday, Ubi is running a month’s worth of events for players.

The Division – Check The Division Out on PC for Free This Weekend

If you haven’t yet tried the PC version of The Division, this is a golden weekend for you. From Thursday, September 14th through Monday, September 19th, you can play the game for free. Game time starts at 10:00 am Pacific / 1:00 pm Eastern on Thursday. You can pick up a copy of the game for 60% off with all progress from the weekend event saved should you choose to do so. UPlay has already opened up pre-loading so what are you waiting for?

The Division – Resistance Free Update Coming this Fall

The Division will be growing later this fall with the release of Update 1.8: Resistance. The content expansion is free to all players on all platforms and includes the Resistance PvE mode and Skirmish PvP mode, both new to the game. In addition, the West Side Pier map will spread over two zones and Camp Clinton social space will open up where players can meet up to take on adventures together.

The Division – Play the Base Game for Free From May 4-7

Ubisoft is treating the world of a free play weekend for Tom Clancy’s The Division. The base game is free to everyone starting on May 4th and running through May 7th. There is no limit on progress as there is in the free trial edition, so players can go as far as the weekend carries them. In addition, all progress will be saved should players opt to purchase the game.

The Division – Second Year DLC to Feature Two Free Expansions

Ubisoft is celebrating the first year of The Division. Players will receive 200 premium credits from March 9-16 along with in-game bonuses such as a 2X multiplier on high-value target rewards (March 9-11) and 2x multiplier on field proficiency caches (March 11). In addition, Ubisoft announced that no season pass will be required for the two expansions coming in Year 2.