Trove Development Will Continue, Though PC / Console Versions will be ‘Decoupled’

Trove players can relax now that Gamigo, the new owner of the Trove IP, has gone on record saying that the development of the game will continue, though it will be with a smaller dev team than before. According to the letter from the new team, having a smaller dev group will “give us the opportunity to create a more agile development structure and that “by moving away from a massive, monolithic plan” for each update, they allow the team to focus on exciting features.

Trove – Geode Content Expansion Sends You to a Whole New World

Trove players not only have a ton of new content to explore systems-wise, but also an entire planet to uncover thanks to today’s launch of the Geode expansion. Players will set off to a new planet where exploration is king and combat “takes a back seat”. The goal is to uncover new collectibles and companions and work through story-based quests that sends adventurers into a maze of caverns and tunnels.

Trove – Next Expansion is Literally Out of This World

The next Trove expansion has been announced that will literally send players out of the world and to the new planet of Geode. It will be a “journey of exploration and discovery” with new wonders and sights to behold. It’s a planet that features underground caves packed with lore about the history of the inhabitants. Players will find a story-driven adventure as it unfolds over time.

Trove – Next Content Expansion Lets You Save Luminopolis & Become the Vanguardian

Trion Worlds is preparing to unleash the next big content expansion for Trove. Called Heroes, players can expect the new scontent later this spring. As the name implies, players become literal heroes as they work to save the city of Luminopolis in partnership with the Resistors. Luminopolis is the “neon festooned” section of Neon City and is imperiled by an ongoing conflict between the Resistors & the Amperium.

Trove – Over 15 Million Players Have Taken Part Around the World

Trion Worlds has announced some pretty awesome statistics about Trove from its launch through today. Over 15 million players have taken part in the game over the course of its life on PC, XBox One and PlayStation 4. In addition, with the launch in China behind them and the Japanese launch still to come, the number of players should continue to gro

Trove – Taking a Closer Look at New Club Features

The Trove site has been updated with a new look at how Clubs will be changing with the arrival of the Adventures update for PC, PlayStation 4 and XBox One next week. Club members will be able to help their Club get new Fixtures by completing Club Adventures.