Running of the Gnomes is World of Warcraft’s Biggest Community Charity Event

The little people of World of Warcraft are set to accomplish something big again this year with the ninth annual Running of the Gnomes event set to take place on Saturday, October 13th at 4:00 pm Pacific / 7:00 pm Eastern on the Scarlet Crusade server (NA). The charity event benefits The Cleveland Clinic and its research on the Tuohy Vaccine, “a vaccine that can prevent Triple-Negative Breast Cancer, which is often hereditary and the most deadly form of breast cancer”.

Tides of Vengeance Live World of Warcraft Q&A on October 11th

Blizzard has announced that it is hosting another World of Warcraft live developer Q&A on October 11th. This time, the topic will be the upcoming 8.1 patch, Tides of Vengeance. Game Director Ion Hazzikostas will be on hand to tackle questions submitted on the WoW forums or via social media using the hashtag #WarcraftQA.

Blizzard Fesses Up to Problems with World of Warcraft’s Azerite Gear

The Blizzard team has acknowledged that there are issues with the current iteration of Azerite gear in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. Azerite armor fits into three available slots (head, shoulder, chest) and contains a number of mostly passive traits that can enhance a variety of abilities for players. However, the community has generally had a number of issues with the system. Blizzard has now admitted that there are three key areas where improvements are needed.

World of Warcraft Azerite Gear Concerns Rebutted by WoW Community Manager

After a lengthy post on the World of Warcraft forums that collated player concerns about Battle for Azeroth gear (Azerite armor), Community Manager Josh “Lore” Allen wrote a lengthy rebuttal to each point. The original post cited several issues, albeit one or two rather hyperbolic, such as “Azerite – Worst Itemization in WoW’s History”, “Traits are Useless & Uninteresting”, “Trait ‘Farming'”, “340 Traits Outperforming 385 Traits”, “Reforging Costs” and “Power Swings”.

Blizzard, the WoW Community & MSi Team Up to Surprise Struggling Deadly Boss Mods Creator

A week or so ago, Adam, the creator of Deadly Boss Mods, one of the most widely-used mods in World of Warcraft, wrote that he was discontinuing support of DBM due to his own failing health and that of his mother. Since that time, the WoW community has come to his aid by bolstering his monthly Patreon supporters from about 500 before his post to nearly 3,000 as of today. Not only will this allow him to continue supporting DBM, but the amount will allow him to address his medical issues.

World of Warcraft Generates $161M in August, Surpasses League of Legends

The latest SuperData Research report for August 2018 has been published that shows that World of Warcraft has surpassed League of Legends in revenue generation thanks to the launch of the Battle for Azeroth expansion. WoW took in a whopping $161M in August, a number that does not include pre-orders in the months prior to August. According to the research company, WoW’s subscriber numbers are the highest since 2014.

World of Warcraft’s PTR Updated to v8.1 & Dataminers Are Off to the Races

World of Warcraft’s PTR has been updated to bring the v8.1 patch to players looking to help test (or just to see what’s new) the patch that was discussed earlier this week by Blizzard’s Ion Hazzikostas. Dataminters are already hard at work and have ferreted out the Kultiran Human Balance Druid form. In other races, Balance Druids are formed like a Moonkin. Kultiran Humans…aren’t as can be seen in the hero image.