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Heroes of the Storm – Will Deckard Cain Be Staying Awhile in the Nexus?

A new image has cropped up on the Heroes of the Storm section of the Blizzard launcher that shows a trio of candles sitting on a wooden table in front of a stone wall. It's unclear what it is a reference to, but speculation seems to be centered most prominently on Diablo's Deckard Cain. A few other names have been tossed into the ring as well, interestingly all from the Diablo series, including Adria, Leah, or Cydea.

Heroes of the Storm – 20 Heroes Just for Logging In

The Heroes of the Storm team is preparing to unleash the "2.0" version of the game and what better way to celebrate such a momentous event than by giving away free stuff? In this case, players can score TWENTY HotS Heroes just by logging in. Heroes are grouped together in any one of four bundles, each with a theme attached. The event will begin on April 25th and run through May 22nd. Once in game, you'll receive 100 gems, enough to purchase one of the bundles.