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Rift – New Raid Coming in March with Forged in Flame Update

The Rift site has been updated with a forward look at the next Starfall Prophecy update coming on March 1st. Called Forged in Flame, the 4.1 update will feature a new 10-player raid called the Tartartic Depths and with new Eternal weapons that can be improved via a questline that sends players off to close rifts, complete jumping puzzles and defeating a variety of enemies. These Eternal weapons will be considered "best in slot".

Rift – Fortress Sieges, Individual Loot & LFR Arrive in Hotfix

Rift has been updated with a new hotfix patch that brings some much-anticipated content into the game: Fortress Sieges, Looking for Raid and the individual loot system. Fortress Sieges allows individual players or groups up to raid size to take on Xarth's Skull zone. Individuals assist by working along the exterior walls taking on vulnerable targets. Small groups take on enemies further into the fortress while large raid groups can tackle capturing siege weaponry.