Razer Phone 2 Review: The Phone that Switched Me to Android

I’m a stalwart iPhone user. I have been since the iPhone 4, after two failed attempts at enjoying a Droid Eris and (I know) a Palm Pixi. But curiosity about the other side of the phone world has been getting to me, and when Razer offered up the Razer Phone 2 to test out and review for the site, I leapt at the chance. Worst case, I’d have a spare phone to use for games and movies. Best case, I’d make the switch to Droid with one of the most powerful handheld devices on the market. In this case, i

Guild Wars 2: The End(game)

I’ve had a bit of a Guild Wars 2 renaissance in the last few months. It’s handy that it came around the time I got an offer to write a monthly column about the game. I sat down and said to myself, “It’s time to get back into raiding, Tier 4 Fractals, and maybe in dabble in sPvP and World versus World”.

The RPG Files – Iratus: Lord of the Dead Preview

Unfrozen’s Iratus: Lord of the Dead is a bold, hard core, rogue-like dungeon delving game where you play the bad guy. The titular necromancer Iratus seeks to dominate the surface world with his ever-growing army of the dead, but he must escape from the dungeon in which he was interred. As his ranks swell, so too do the persistence and lethality of the living who oppose him. The game marches forward in its development much like Iratus’s dread legion, but in what state does the game find itself