VesperArcade ponders what could solve Ryu’s problems in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

“I don’t even think Season 1 Ryu could survive in Street Fighter V right now.”

Before Ryu was nerfed into oblivion during Season 1, the competitive landscape of SFV was quite different. As the seasons went on and new characters (and absurd V-Triggers) were added to the game, many in the cast struggled to keep up with the top tiers — but Ryu, so badly damaged from a wide array of nerfs, just struggled to keep up with what he once was.

While Capcom has slowly tried to stitch the World Warrior back together, VesperArcade worry that he’s fallen too far behind. This wish-list discussion for Ryu recounts exactly what was lost for the on-the-box protagonist — and what can be done to make him right.

Source: VesperArcade


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Does the Blizzcon Floor Map Fly in the Face of Diablo Emphasis Hinted by Convention Schedule?

The venue map for Blizzcon 2018 has been released that reveals an interesting tidbit. Last week, the internet went into a paroxysm of speculation about the fact that a Diablo panel would be held after the keynote address, a typical sign of a big announcement. However, looking at the venue map, one has to wonder. Of all of Blizzard’s games, only Diablo lacks its own “space” with even Starcraft II taking up more room than what is perhaps the “centerpiece” of the show.

Battlerite Royale Scares Up a Halloween Event

Battlerite Royale players are in for some thrills and chills when Curse of the Night launches on October 17th. The three-week long event includes a Halloween-themed map called the Haunted Keep and “new gameplay objects called Trick or Treat Shrines”. The shrines will literally trick players with a debuff or treat them to a boon.

SoulCalibur VI is discounted on PC on Fanatical and the Razer Game Store

SoulCalibur VI is launching this week, and for any players on PC who have yet to pre-order it, now may be a great time to do so. Bandai Namco’s latest tale of souls and swords is discounted on PC via a couple of online retailers.

Fanatical currently has pre-orders for the Deluxe Edition of SoulCalibur VI for sale for $76.49, 15% off its regular price of $89.99. The regular edition on the other hand is on sale for $52.19, 13% off its $59.99 regular price.

In addition to the above, the Razer Game Store also has SoulCalibur VI discounted. Pre-orders for the regular edition is on sale for only $50.99, 15% off its regular price. Deluxe Edition pre-orders on the other hand are on sale for $80.99, 10% off the regular price.

Those interested in taking advantage of these should do so soon however. These deals end in just a few days.

Sources: FanaticalRazer Game Store


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Arozzi Arena Leggero Gaming Desk Review

Choosing a desk is a bigtime commitment. It is something you’ll use every day, and you want it to be reliable, sturdy, and maybe have a unique feature or two. But what if you’re limited on space? Well, the desk you may be looking for is the Arozzi Arena Leggero and this is our official review.

Have a Helluva Time Playing Diablo III with This Swank New Themed Bundle

If you’ve been waiting to take Diablo III out on the road but have hesitated to purchase a Nintendo Switch, today’s reveal of the themed bundle just may convince you to open up your wallet. Nintendo has partnered with Blizzard to bring a $360 bundle that includes a themed carrying case and dock alongside a digital download code for Diablo III: Eternal Collection.