SMITE Team Details Season 6 Changes Including True Cross Play

The SMITE site has a forward look at the 6.1 update that is bringing some big, big changes to the game. Most notably, players on XBox One, Switch and PC can enjoy cross platform gaming. In addition, players will enjoy a single SMITE account that is accessible regardless of what platform they are playing on. The good news is that currency, unlocked gods and skins will also be merged.

MapleStory Players to Celebrate Some Big Events Coming on January 23rd

Now that the Black Mage has been defeated, MapleStory players are looking for the next “big thing”. On January 23rd, the development team will release an update called “New Beginnings” that will raise the level cap to 275 after more than five years where it currently stands. In addition, there will be new enemies to face off against, four celebratory events to play through and level 200 Genesis weapons to collect.

Blizzard Has 3 Art Books & a Pop-Up Book Coming in 2019

For those of you who just can’t get enough of Blizzard’s games, the news that four new books will be published in 2019 should come as a welcomed surprise. Art books for Hearthstone, Diablo and for the cinematic art of World of Warcraft will be released alongside a World of Warcraft pop-up book. All four have a “fall 2019” release window.

The Division 2 Private Beta Date Announced for February 7-10

Those who have already, or will soon, pre-order The Division 2 will be able to have guaranteed access to the just-announced private beta event now dated for February 7-10. In addition, anyone can register for limited spots by heading to The Division 2 site. To showcase what The Division 2 is about, Ubisoft released a brand new story trailer.

Chronicles of Elyria: Wherefore Art Thou?

I always knew Chronicles of Elyria was going to be a dramatic ride. It had a fiery studio lead that was mad at the current system and wanted to rebuild it from the ground up! The pitch for the game was as audacious as any I’d seen brought to Kickstarter. I went in cautiously with the assumption they would either pull a Han Solo, damn the odds and find a way, or go down in flames. Either way, I was willing to observe and lend a hand (or a handful of money).

Nexon Announces AxE: Alliance vs Empire Mobile MMORPG

Nexon has announced its “next generation of MMORPGs for mobile” with today’s reveal of AxE: Alliance vs Empire. According to press information, the game will deliver “PC & console quality MMO experiences” via the convenience of mobile devices. Players will find 75 vs 75 competitive battles, co-op raids, a “massive open world” and a campaign to keep players engaged in the experience.