Magic: Legends – Exclusive Interview With Executive Producer Stephen Ricossa

Magic: Legends has billed itself as an MMO/Action RPG, and while the ARPG elements have been readily present in the latest gameplay videos and blogs the team has released this month, many wonder where the “MMO” fits into the equation. Recently we had a chance to sit down with the Executive Producer of Magic: Legends, Stephen Ricossa, to talk how the team is building a “modern MMO” with its latest project.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Review

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot has been billed as a new take on the DBZ RPG, putting you directly in the shoes of the iconic Z Fighters as you go through the story of the legendary anime. But, how does it hold up in practice? Here’s our review.

Legends of Aria Is Hosting A Town Hall On January 31

Legends of Aria, the open-world MMO developed by Citadel Studios, has announced it’s hosting an upcoming Town Hall coming up at the end of January. Announced via Twitter, the upcoming Town Hall will be on January 31st and will also preview upcoming militia content.