Twitch is Selling Off Curse Media to ‘Fandom’ (aka Wikia)

According to Kotaku, Twitch is selling off Curse Media to “Fandom”, once known as Wikia. “We’ve signed a definitive agreement to acquire Curse Media from Twitch, Inc., including all media assets and employees,” a letter to Kotaku reads. Fandom will be folding all of the Curse assets into its Gamepedia section. One site many of our readers will be familiar with is MMO-Champion, one of the largest World of Warcraft fan sites on the Internet today.

Capcom Cup 2018 Analysis: Will Itabashi Zangief shift into overdrive?

Itabashi Zangief started off the season with ranks 1-10 of Top Ten Anime Betrayals of All Time. Having for years been a steadfast Zangief main, the massive nerfs the character saw in Season 3 forced his hand in switching to Abigail. For the most part, he has stood pat on his switch.

The character certainly helped him get into Capcom Cup. Now will he be able to reprise his role in the top 8 with a big body?

One Gear

One of the most exciting things about watching Itazan play last year was how aggressive his Zangief was. Well, when you take that aggression and multiply it, then you get Abigail.

This is one of the reasons why Itabashi Zangief’s transition to Abigail has been so smooth. He has few problems getting in, while also hitting like a truck any time he gets a touch. He also adds a few additional mixups beyond what Zangief ever had. This has been a great thing for Itabashi Zangief, who has always been able to condition people to fall for the few mixups that Zangief did have. The ability to do this in a myriad of ways has made him especially dangerous.

Abigail SFV

Big Body, Big Problems

The problem is that with a big body character, you run into so many problems. While Itabashi Zangief has done well with the character, the problems are inherent. Characters like Rashid do well, given his multi-hitting projectiles cause issues with Abigail getting in, while its upward arc also shuts down his air game, where the character has jump arc issues. Zoners also still reasonably well, with Guile holding down the fort very well.

This is reasonably what we can expect in his very first round, and he’s paired up against NuckleDu. While Du has lost to Itazan this year, one could expect that his Guile will be prepared to go up against him now — or at the very least, He’ll bring out G to cover the neutral at the beginning of the match, then level up in order to deal with the end game to out-hit Abigail with his V-Trigger I.

But even worse is the army of Menats that Itazan could face… he’s only beaten one out of seven. While he may have time for that — unless of course he ends up having one in his way in Losers Bracket — he still has to get through possibly Akuma, Rashid, Kolin, all with decent multi-hitting and zoning moves that can cause Abigail problems. Given his narrow win-rates against all of them, save for Kolin (a character we haven’t seen him face) this could be an ugly road for Itazan.

Final Thoughts

He’s got a character that can plow through people, provided he gets in. Against characters that make him struggle in that respect, the only character he can switch to is a character that suffers in the same regard. For him to also be facing one difficult character right out the gate makes me pessimistic about his chances.

It’s hard to count Itazan out, but the odds are he doesn’t make top 8 based on the road he has ahead.


capcom cup 2018 poster

Novriltataki tries to help us understand tier lists with Episode 19 of Exploring Fighting Games

After analyzing the issue of downloadable content from the developer’s perspective, as well as how to escape the plateau, Novriltataki and the Chemical Lovers are back with episode 19 of their “Exploring Fighting Games” series, this time tackling the subject of properly understanding tier lists.

When Street Fighter II first introduced a unique cast of 8 distinct playable characters back in 1991, Capcom created an inevitable power gap between the fighters, as their unique and individual gameplay styles meant that they could not all be truly equal in power when matched up against one another. As natural competitive spurt began to grow among the community, players began to try and decide which characters were the absolute best in the game, giving birth to character rankings known as tier lists.

Though lists are ideally created with the use of a calculated and researched match-up chart, displaying which warriors have the best and worst individual spread across the entire cast, most players simply create them off of personal feeling and power estimation — making them fallible, since it is not always based off pure battle data.

Norvil examines what determines a match-up score, as well as using titles such as Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and Super Street Fighter II Turbo to explain the differences between games with both tight and spread-out gaps in character strength, as well as advising players on how they should approach tier lists and theory in order to use them constructively.

You can see the full video below. (Upcoming Episode 20 of EFG will focus on which type of controller to use for your favorite fighting game.)

Source: Novriltataki

Daybreak Games Announces Planetside Arena – a Second Battle Royale Game from DGC

Daybreak Game Company has announced PlanetSide Arena, “a new massive-scale multiplayer sci-fi shooter” that is slated to be released on January 29, 2019. According to press information, there will be several familiar features in place including the class system, arms gameplay, “dynamic in-match and seasonal progression”. The map will eventually be able to support up to 1,000 players.

Namco reveals SoulCalibur VI version 1.10 patch notes for December 17th

Before NieR: Automata‘s 2B touches down in SoulCalibur VI on the 18th, there will be a much-anticipated balance change list for the entire cast the day before. Namco has graciously put up the balance changes on their site, giving us all time to speculate on how this will impact the game. You can read the full patch notes here.

In addition to the very long list of character changes — including an answer to the vocal outcry over things like Azwel’s backdash and Ivy’s step-killing 2A+G — there’s some interesting changes to system mechanics, as well. Perhaps most notably, a hold-over glitch from SoulCalibur V is finally getting fixed: it was possible to buffer sidestep inputs during CE startups and have all the sidesteps come out after the Super Flash. This famously made Astaroth’s command grab CE worthless, but if the patch notes are to be believed, this’ll be no longer the case.

Source: SoulCalibur