Acer XFA240 Gaming 144Hz GSYNC Compatible Monitor Review

When Nvidia announced that they would be allowing adaptive sync monitors outside of their GSYNC ecosystem to use the sync functionality of their GPUs, I was personally pretty excited. As someone who, until recently, didn’t own a GSYNC monitor purely because of the cost associated with the panels, I was looking forward to seeing how some of the Freesync displays on the market would fare. Enter the Acer XFA240 24″ Gaming GSYNC Compatible monitor. With a refresh rate of 144hz and labeled as one of

Pagan Online Review

There are quite a few people hyped for the next ARPG worth sinking your teeth into, especially since the disappointing announcement that “Diablo 4” would be a mobile rendition of the game (“Don’t you all have a phone??”). Pagan Online, developed by Mad Head Games, is catching the eye of quite a few people with its fast-paced clicky combat and Slavic themed storyline. I recently had a chance to go hands-on and enjoy the game at my own pace and stand at the ready to share my notes. So strap in