The new Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition 3-disc soundtrack set is available to pre-order

An expanded collection of the sounds of Street Fighter V is on the way.

With a game update as expansive as Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, it comes as no surprise that Capcom is pushing out an updated soundtrack set to cover the growing selection of music in the game. And we’re getting exactly that: this new CD soundtrack will feature the DLC content music that the original soundtrack release lacks — covering character themes up to Season 3’s still-unreleased Blanka and Falke, according to the announcement at Evo Japan. The retooled themes from prior games — used in SFVAE’s Arcade Mode — will also be included in this 3-disc collection.

sfvae cd ost cover

The soundtrack launches in Japan on February 14, 2018. Want to get your hands on one? You can pre-order it from a number of online retailers; check out listings on Amazon Japan, PLAY-ASIA, and CD Japan! Expect this CD set to run you between about ¥3800 and ¥4700 (approx. $35-$44 USD) before shipping, depending on the importer.

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How has the face of Super Smash Bros. Melee changed since Plup’s win at Genesis 5?

Much like the Five Gods of Japanese Street Fighter, there has been an agreed-upon list of Five Gods of Melee, and rarely has that status been challenged. As early as 2016, Hungrybox was alluding to an era where there would be a larger pool of players that would be capable of being killers in the game, and this year marked steps further in that direction, with Plup winning at Genesis 5.

So is the era of the Smash gods dead? As spoken about in this video, it’s possible that we’re seeing the tides turn in favor of more players becoming world-class enough to take majors — and Plup and Leffen are the first out of the gate to challenge the notion of five untouchable players in the game.

Source: SaveAsUntitled

VesperArcade breaks down Urien’s V-Trigger II bug in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Last week saw the reveal of a huge Urien bug, in which his hurtboxes are removed upon usage of his second V-Trigger. This potentially looked game-breaking, but ultimately made little impact on the first tournament since its discovery at Evo Japan — where no Urien players found themselves in top 8.

Regardless, VesperArcade has made a video detailing how the bug is reproduced, which allows the lost hurtboxes to remain missing for 40 frames after he recovers, if Urien pushes no buttons after performing a V-Trigger tackle. Here’s hoping that Capcom will fix this bug soon!

Source: VesperArcade