Dragon Ball FighterZ character roundup: What we’ve seen so far for Android 16

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We’ve seen a lot of tech videos for Dragon Ball FighterZ come through our tipline, covering everything from team-building strategy, fundamental game mechanics, and combo after combo after combo, from throughout the game’s cast! Since the roundups were put together based on what came in when, not sorted by character, we’re re-compiling them by fighter to make it easier to find something for your individual team members.

This time, let’s look at what we’ve seen so far for Android 16!

Two meters, two assists, and one mixup is all you need to kill with this Android 16 setup from @Antinomy001.

Tired of all those Gokus, yet? There’s a character made specifically to dunk on them: here’s Persona Entertainment‘s exploration of Android 16’s combo potential.

@gramofdata has a meter positive block string with the game’s Goku-dunking grappler:

rooflemonger shows off some great starting combos for Android 16:

He’s also broken down the mix-up situation that occurs after 16 lands his light command grab: helpful to know for those playing as — and fighting against — the robo-grappler.

SuspiciousLock demonstrates a touch of death combo that Android 16 can do on his own, given 5 bars of meter (without having to use Sparking Blast).

As always, thanks to all content creators out there, and everyone that sent in tip! Keep an eye on Shoryuken for future DBFZ roundups!

Sources: @Antinomy001Persona Entertainment@gramofdatarooflemongerSuspiciousLock

Read about F.A.N.G’s machinations after the fall of Shadaloo in CFN’s The Side Readers 05: “Toxicity”

Explore the world of Street Fighter V through this side-story about Bison’s venomous right-hand man…

To flesh out the world surrounding the events of Street Fighter V, the Capcom Fighters Network website has occasionally featured “The Side Readers”: short-stories that delve into untold aspects of the characters, outside of the game’s main narrative. CFN expanded on this series recently by adding Side readers 05: Toxicity, which follows F.A.N.G after the fall of his chosen master, M. Bison. Here’s an excerpt:

Bison sought to rule the world using his violence. Finally, F.A.N.G had found what he was looking for – Bison’s ambition. F.A.N.G left his organization and joined Shadaloo, devoted his everything to Lord Bison, and dedicated his efforts towards realizing Bison’s ambitions. F.A.N.G became Bison’s right hand man, and one of the Shadaloo Four Kings.

However, Shadaloo was destroyed.

Bison fell, and with him, his ambitions vanished.

With his leader gone, the emptiness in F.A.N.G’s life returned.

However, F.A.N.G wasn’t entirely convinced that Lord Bison was truly dead. Hoping to revive Shadaloo, F.A.N.G visited dark companies he’d had dealings with in the past, hoping to gain resources. He had once controlled these companies through power, but now a different approach was needed – to sit down and have a talk over drinks.

F.A.N.G had finished in one such meeting. Though the drinks flowed freely, F.A.N.G was unaffected. As a side effect of his unparalleled resistance to poison, there was no amount of alcohol in the world that could influence F.A.N.G in any way…

Check out the rest over at the Capcom Fighters Network website!


Source: CFN

Legends of Aria – ‘A Good Chance Our [April] Steam Release Date Will Slip’ According to Brinkmann

Derek Brinkmann took to Reddit earlier today for an Ask Me Anything session with fans of Legends of Aria. The first question out of the bag asked if he believed that LoA would make its projected April Steam release date. Brinkmann wrote that, while a lot of great feedback had been taken from CBT1, the team realized that more work needs to be done on optimization, fleshing out professions and on a new player experience.

Injustice 2 wins Fighting Game of the Year at the the D.I.C.E. Awards

Last week saw the 21st edition of the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences’s D.I.C.E. Awards. As some of you may know, a number of games were in contention for the Fighting Game of the Year award. Among all these nominees however, only one game could come home with that award…  and the winner of Fighting Game of the Year at the 21st D.I.C.E. Awards was Injustice 2.

Released in May of last year, Injustice 2 has been a fan-favorite since its launch, both due to its varied content for both casual and competitive players, as well as for the many unexpected DLC additions to its cast.

We here at Shoryuken congratulate NetherRealm Studios on their win!

Source: AIAS via Test Your Might

MapleStory – An Angel has Landed in Maplestory!

Anime seems to be all over my online world right now. Maybe I’m just a massive weaboo, but with our recent coverage of Closers, Soulworker, and Peria Chronicles on the way, Japan seems to be creeping closer to home these days. Nexon, the team behind MapleStory haven’t been slow to jump on board as they unveil the MaplStory x Evangelion event.